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1824 Novr 7.
Constitutional CodeCh. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 13.
§. 12. Locable who.
§. 16. Locable who

54. 57
Art. 57. Length of
consummation period say 7
years, day of commencement
either the
1. First examination day, or
2. Any anterior day,
appointed to give time for
intervening instruction. Number
of examinations in the
period, at a each place if more
than one — yearly 7: if
semiannual, 14 — or if quarterly, 28.
By the last examination
have been produced a
complete set of functionaries,
by when the full
benefit of the system will
have been reached.

55. 58
Art. 58. Coincident with
the first consummation
period, will be the preparation
period. So many years
so many stages, into which it
may be considered as divided.
By whatsoever consideration
the Legislature will be
determined to cause the course
of instruction to be administered
in its whole length
by the same will it be
determined during every portion
of the period to cause to
be administered as large a
portion portion of it portion as the time will
have admitted: in relation
to appropriate aptitude
in official situations, any

---page break---
58 continued
quantity of time employed
in appropriate instruction
for the obtainment of it,
will be better than none: 3
on grounds unknown to all
men, no man's bare opinion,
in affirmance of another
man's aptitude, can
be so well grounded, as that
of all men will be, after a
public examination, tho' there
were no more than one:
followed as it will be by collective
judicial opinion,
grounded on it, and
expressed by secret & thence
by free votation, as above.

Art. 56. Accordingly,
when one year's instruction
has been received, no
person, those excepted who
are already in office will
be placed on the Locable
List, unless he has been
receiving the benefit of that
same instruction thro'out
that year: when 2 years, no
person, by whom it has not
been received during those
2 years, those persons excepted
who are already in office
& those by whom the instruction
had been received during
the first second year: & so on, during
the whole of the period.

57 60
Art. 60 57. In relation to
appropriate moral
aptitude, the Legislature
will consider, whether the
course of examination
relative thereto shall commence
at the same time
with the examinations
relative to the other branches
of appropriate aptitude as
above, or not till some &
what later point of time:
as also whether the acts
of the examinee, while which on
the examination may be
permitted to be brought
to light, may commence
at any point of time:
or whether a time shall
be assigned, to the end
that no such act anterior
-cedent to that time
shall be endeavoured to
be brought to light.

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