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Sept. 1 +
1826 Ap. 13 Copied Text

Ch. IX. Ministers collectively.
§. 8. Statistic function

U/cs. or 3 contind.
To express the length
of it, mention is necessary
of the year, month,
day of the month: useful,
the day of the week,
for security agst errors
and to show the distinction
between working
and repose days: on
that day, hour & minute
of entrance and departure:
so in case of divers
entrances and departures.

or 4.
Art. ___ or 4. Use 2.
Indicating of itself in
some cases, the actual
quantity of a man's service
rendered during
the time in question.
In some cases, quantity
of service can not be
indicated, otherwise than
by indication of the time
employed, i.e. in attendance
of the Service.
[It may in all cases, where
(without being applied to
things having a value
independent of the discourse
registered) it produces
a distinguishable
insult: as in the
case of discourse written
by a Clerk. To afford
this use, the quantity written
by each shd. if not
sufficiently known by
the hand-writing, be
expressly registered.

or 5.
Art. or 5. Use 3. Indicating
in some cases the
quality quantity of the Service.
In some cases, service
employed in things being here

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Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 8. Statistic function<p>U/cs. or 5. contind.
here too out of the question,
neither can the
quality any more than
the quantity, be ascertained
otherwise than by
length of attendance.
But where it produces
a visible & tangible
product, it may.

Example, as above
written discourse. The
quality of it appears beyond
doubt by inspection.
The quality of it
will be to be judged of
by it's aptitude to it's
appropriate purposes,
of the hand-writing, the
quality will be no less
manifest upon the face
of it than the quantity.

or 6.
Art. ___ or 6. Use 4. Indicating
Pay, and Time of Service the cost of his
Service if paid, and
whether paid, other thing
equal, the value of
each functionary's
time during a given
length of time say one
year, 3 years, six years,
will be in the exact
ratio of that length.
So, in case of remuneration,
the cost of his
remuneration during
that time.

or 6(a.)
But in some instances,
whatever may be
the actual length of
time of service,
a shorter time engaged
for may be more advantageous
to both parties
than a longer. Witness
military service in the
rank of Privates. See
Ch. 10. Offensive Force

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