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1824 Sept 14 1826 Apr. 16. Copied

Constitutional Code Ch.IX. Ministers Collectively S.8. Statistic Function IV Occurrences

Art.9 or 1

IV. Occurrences — Sub-Heads
of Entry.
1. Subject matters — persons —
what things what
2. Place of occurrence.
3. Time of occurrence.
4. Time of receipt of information.
5. Evidence of the occurrence —
between alleged participant
and relating witnesses.

Art.10 or 2

At the
place of occurrence,
the subsequent proceedings
at that place will
naturally be influenced
by the time of in an
immediate way; those of the
office in the Books of
which the entry is made,
in an intermediate way.
Example. Time of arrival
a loft of a government
vessel with stores.

Art.11 or 3

1. At the office, arrival
of an officer of the ship.
2. Passage in a letter from
a private person, who communicates
to the office
the letter, or a bad report
of it.

Entries proper in this
1. Copy of the passage, if
permitted: with description
of alleged writer
and receiver.

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Constitutional Code Ch.IX. Ministers Collectively S.8. Statistic Function IV Occurrences

If this not obtainable,
minute of the conversation
in which the bad
report was made; with
descriptions, as above.
3. Paragraph in a newspaper.
Enter 1. Title, 2. Date,
3. Place of publication.

Art.12 or 4

General preappointed evidence
adapted to this purpose.
1. Over the door of the head
newspaper office, placarded,
as in case of
ships, the name or names
of responsible proprietor
or proprietors.
2. On a copy of the newspaper
in connection
with each article of intelligence,
1. Name of the...
by whom it was sent to
or destined for, the press.
2. Name and destination
of the reporting witness,
with of alleged participant
witness, and all alleged
intermediate witnesses.
3. On application made,
and adequate security found,
the report shd. be traceable
to the participant, or alleged
participant witness,
if any, by judicial examination-
investigatorial procedure.
Incalculable tho
evils continually happening
to measures, political
& commercial, by tenacious
false reports.

---page break---

Constitutional Code Ch.IX. Ministers Collectively S.8. Statistic Function IV Occurrences

Act. 13 or 5.

the nature of the service
of the sub-department
and the office,
the nature of the relevant
occurrences will
of course vary.

Art.14. or 6

In war,
the occurrences belonging
to the Army & Navy,
subdepartments will
naturally be preeminent
in importance
and variety.

Under the head or persons
& things, copious
& certain the outgoings:
necessary, and as copious
as may be; extraneous,
casual; and as
far as regards persons
in the state of prisoners,
burthens in
view by expence
of maintenance
& standing.

Primary in this case
will be the importance
of the aptitude &
trustworthiness of the
evidence: to the necessity
of a rich attention
to the rules of evidence.

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