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1824 Sept. 17 [L] Sun 1826 Apr. 13 6 Constitutional Code. Copied

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 8. Statistic function

Evidence or 1.
or 1
Art. 35 or 1. Evidence.
Rule 1. Let no entry be
made without mention
of the evidence on
which it is grounded.

36 or 2.
Art. 36 or 2 Rule 2. viz.
the best evidence the
nature of the case
admitts of.

37 or 3.
Art. 37 or 3. Rule 3. Security
for it's correctness,
this evidence should
have the same as
testimony delivered before
a judge has.

38 or 4.
Art. 38 or 4. Rule 4.
Dependent on, thence
variable with, 1. the
nature of the subject matter
of registration,
will be the description
of the appropriate and
best, i. e. most appropriate
evidence. 2. So, with
the sub-department
and the office, the
business of which is

39 or 5.
Art. 39 or 5. The best
obtainable evidence is
that which, being obtainable,
without preponderant
evil in the shape
of delay vexation and
expence, is the most strongly
probative — the least
likely to be incorrect
or inadequate.

40 or 6
Art. 40 or 6. In the Business
room of every Office evils
be kept being up, in a
prescribing the mode and form
of authentication.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 8. Statistic function<p>Evidence or 6. Book
or 67
Art. 41 or 67.

proper for the Inventory
declaration by him
or those, by whom, at
the time of signature,
the contents have just
been inspected, &
perception of their existence
and condition obtained.
Co-inspectors & attestators,
the more the better.

First Sheet or 68.
Art. 42 or 68. From the
Inventory, or on subsequent
receipt of an
article, into what custody
shall it be delivered?
Answer. Into the Custody
of some one person,
not into the joint d<hi rend="superscript">o
of divers.

Reason. As the number
of co-responsibles encreases,
the effective force
& efficiency of the responsibility,
1. Blame is by each laid
to the account of the other.
2. As their number
encreases, so in case of
delinquency the strength
of the sinister support
afforded to all by their
several connections.

43 or 9.
Art 43 or 9. But, so the
person responsible is
but one, no matter how
many others concurr
with him in the
operation belonging to
custody — so it be in assistants
chosen for him,
or Depute, by him.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 8. Statistic function.

Evidence or 9
or 10
Art. 44 or 10. So, the more
attesting Inspectors,
the better; since, by
their attestation they
are responsible for it
the existence and
condition of the thing, on
receipt, not at any
subsequent time.

First Sheet 45 or 11.
Art. 45 or 11. Form of
the evidence on receipt
of a thing. Declaration,
written & authenticated,
by signature:
Subject matter of it.
1. Name of the thing.
2. Quantity.
3. Quality.
4. Package, if any, wherein
5. Place, where lodged.
6. Day or days on which
the Inspection has had
7. Inspected by whom.
8. Delivered by whom.

46 or 12
Art. 46 or 12. Howsoever
it may eventually operate
against himself,
to no other person is there
any hardship in the
obligation of furnishing
this evidence: for
1. Only on the supposition
of delinquency on
his part can it do so.
2. It is no other than is
imposable on any
person as a witness
in a Judicatory.
3. Such witness has no
remuneration: the
functionary on whom
the obligation is imposed
has a remuneration
which in his eyes is
adequate, or he wd. not
be where he is.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 8. Statistic function.
Evidence — See p. 2

47 or 13.
Art. 47 or 13. Evidence
Form of the Evidence
on issue of a thing.
Declaration written and
attested by signature, as
in case of receipt.
Subject matters —
1. Name of the thing.
2. Quantity.
3. Quality.
4. Package, if any, in which
5. Day or days on
which inspection has
had place.
6. Delivered — to whose hand.
7. Delivered, on whose acco<hi rend="superscript">t.
8. Delivered when day
and hour.

48 or 14
Art. 48 or 14

Evidence is
1. Nationary — connoting of or
by the Book
of each Office.
2. Migratory — composed of
the Written Instruments
offered and received by
each Office.
For Examples see, in the Function
Table Functions preparatory as to
Evidence is —
1. Appropriate: about varying
with the several occupations
their several subject
2. Authenticative: about applying
to all special evidence
whether Nationary or
N. B. which of
Evidence divers
examples or
ordained to migrate.
But those called migratory
can not their
purposes but by being made
to migrate.
n d
Book, needing effect and
receipt of Written Instruments
is Evidence of Evidence.
So is Authenticative Evidence.

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