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1824. Sept. 15 Sun 1826 April 13 3 II Uses Constitutional Code <head> Copied Text was Sent to <head> Ch. IX. Ministers collectively
§. 8. Statistic function
Things Moveable

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 8. Statistic function
Things. Registranda. Uses.


Art. or Purpose of
Registration as to things
forming at all times a
judgment as to their
adequateness to the ends.
1. Hence, the need of
knowing the quantities
and qualities of those he
has in possession or at

Means or 2 15
Art. or 2 Sole mode
of knowing these.
To the stock in the
Inventory, add the sum of
the subsequent receipts
and deduct d<hi rend="superscript">o</hi> of the

If the result is correct,
it will give on the face
of the Register the stock
then in possession, and
this, on inspection, will
be seen forthcoming
only by his own
inspection can the
Minister, as to the existence
of any portion of
his stock, receive direct
& immediate evidence.
This being for the most
part impossible, the
next best is the report
of Subordinates, who
say they have had inspection
of it.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 8. Statistic function
Things. Registranda. Uses
Means<p> <p>0 or 3 16
Art. or 3 Of the
existence of receipt,
the evidence is capable
of more certainty
than that of issue.
Receipt,unless by fabrication
by the receiver
himself, can not take
place, without issue
by some one else:
issue however
have place without
evidence of receipt;
as where the thing is
embezzled by the keeper,
and thus received by
him; or even without
receipt; as where wasted
by him.

Book 1 or 4 17
Art. or 4 In so
far as the account of
each sort of article
is kept separate, there
is no room for logical
order in addition to
chronological: for
Digest in addition to
Diary Journal..

Grand point to be here
attended to is, the
evidence — viz. by which
the maker of the entry
is warrantable.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectiv
§. 8. Statistic function.
Things. Registranda. Uses
Means Mode of

Art. of 5 18 In relation
to each species
of stock, to furnish
the regular evidence
it is necessary that
a separate account
be kept of each species
of stock, as designated
by it's denomination:
if as between any two
lumped together, the real
quantities remaining
differ in the smallest
degree, confusion &
misconception will be the
necessary result:
registration of of both together
is if do of .

Art. or 6 If the form
of the Subject matter has
been so changed, as to
make it come under
a new denomination,
the issue of it, though
still at the disposal of
the same functionary,
must be noted, else,
on inspection, a
proportionable deficiency w<hi rend="superscript">d
be perceptible.

By this notice, a separate
office, with need
of a separate Register,
is constituted.

20 or 7
Art. or 7. Example.
Ship timber, when
employed in making a mast
or a rudder: and then

Here, the probative force
of the evidence, obtainable
by inspection is
weakened. An identity
of the wood is difficultly
traceable: of the
material of the paint,
not at all.

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