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1) 1o 1824 Sept. 24Constitut. Code. I. Subject Matter of Registration II. Registranda III. UsesCh. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 8. Statistic function

I. Registranda as to it
1. In the Original Stock
1. In hand
I. The sum in hand
or at command
at the commencement of
the Account.

II. At command
2. If in different hand
but required as being
physically at the command
of the functionary
of whose office is
the register, a list of
these several Keepers.

III. Expected certainty
II. The sum receivable
and regarded as sum
to be received, as if at
hand at a list of the several
sources from whence it is

a with each a
column for each of the particular
in the Diary. 1

II. In the Diary
I. Money Receipted
In a line with each sum
received, in so many
1. year of receipt
2. Month of do.
3 Day of the month of do.
4 Day of the week of do
5. Person by whose hand
6. Form in which received.
7. Person on whose account
the sums as list
8. the person from whose
hand received
8. Effectual cause of the
transfer, thus made

II. Money:
No 1 1. 2.3. 4 as above
5 Person by whose hand offered
6. Person into whose hand

7. Form in which offered
who in so far as regarded
as material
8. Person on whose account
9. Effectual cause of, or
warrant for the .

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V. Money
II. Uses of the Registration
Uses of the Registranda No I. II. III
IV. 1. Indicating so far the
means of operation and
the command of the Office
and the Subdepartment
1. With a view to
2. With a view to judgment
favorable or unfavorable
on the past
conduct of functionaries
and others from
whom money has been
or should have been
, by the office and those to
whom money has been
or should have been
delivered at by the Office.

II. In the Diary
I Uses of Registranda Nos
1 2 3
1 Checking so far
the means of operation at

2. When confronted
with the Receipts
expected, showing how
far actual receipts agreed
with expected do: and these
to serve as a guide
to future expectations
and operations.

4. Use of Registration
No 4.
1 Serving as a check upon
error in the preceding and
of the
Reading the check
and promptly discernable
the effect produced on the
pecuniary receipt the
appropriate operations
in so far as influenced by
to a from
the day of repose.

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