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1824 Nov. 7. Revised Nov 8 Constitutional Code

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 13. Remuneration
§. 12. Locable who
Factitious honor & dignity

32. continued.
In these latter were case,
conveyed tho' in most instances
contrary to truth, is the
assertion that some
arts, of the thing
had been employed
in an enterprize of unprovoked
slaughter & devastation
such as that calls a crusade.
For a symbol, better
Suited would have been a gibbet,
substituted, or added.

Art. 33. In comparison of
natural honor thus augmented,
as above unapt would factitious
be, even if judicially conferred.
Premium, if the same
for both, operates a prohibition
on the least valuable
of two services, if it be this latter that requires
most sacrifice.

By such descriptive entry,
as above, the value, absolute
& thence comparative, of each
Service, may most accurately
be exhibited. Not so by any
such general appellation
or symbol. In this way, he
whose service is the most, received
no greater reward than he
whose service is the least valuable.

Art. 34. Sufficient of itself
for the destruction of this
Constitution might an instrument
of corruption of this
sort be, if arbitrarily
conferred. To the Prime Minister
would the power of conferring
it be allotted: for to no other
functionary could any one propose

---page break---

propose to allot it. Sufficient
would that be, for
converting the Constitution into
an arbitrary Monarchy: at
the least, into a Monarchy operating
by an all pervading &
all vitiating system of
corruption, waste, &
unpunishable depredation, as
in England.

Into his lap, in return
for these objects of general
desire for selves &
connections would continually
be poured, power, impunity
& money, by the Legislature
i. e. by the acting majority.
Immoveable he would
remain, how flagrant so
ever his inaptitude.
// For minor evils see the

Art. 35. So, exceptions
excepted, ultra concomitant
remuneration: — habitual
remuneration after
cessation of habitual service.

For exceptions, rather
apparent than real to see
that inhibitor of ultra concomitant
remuneration, see
Ch. X. Ministers collectively.
§. 3. Army Minister. §. 4
Navy Minister.

Art. 36. Completely needless,
& thence wasteful is
all such remuneration at
public expence.

None such have
medical, is power.
Yet Of none of these is there
any want. Nor would there be of

---page break---

36 continued
of functionaries, in any
situation, if remuneration
ceased with service. But
dealers have not power to
load customers, as rulers do
subjects, in governments, which
have for end, the good of the
few, & for object of
sacrifice do of the many.<p>In the Ang. Amer. U. S.
waste in this shape has no place.

Art. 37. Modes of ultra
concomitant remuneration
1. Superannuation pensions
or mere presumtition of inaptitude
thro' infirmity from age.
2. Pensions of retreat, on
the score of casual inaptitude
thro' infirmity.
3. D<hi rend="superscript">o without pretence
of infirmity for length of
Service; requited all along
by remuneration.

Thus located, remuneration
is a premium on
inaptitude. Thus flock in
in contemplation of it: the
infirmity exaggerated, if worth
while fostered or produced.
for the plea of it, naturally
ready assistants are
1. Third persons sufferers
by it.
2. Patrons, to whom are
the lapse, the right of
presentation accrues.

Art. 38. So, artificially mislocated
remuneration, at
community expence by Govt.
Universally needless it is
essentially unfrugal.

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