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1826. Jany. Constitutional Code

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
S.14. Locable who.

14 Contind.

Consequence of such
maximization of number
of scholars and
quality of attention
by the Instructor,
on the part of each scholar,
a portion of instruction
in the joint ratio of
the strength of his natural
talents and do.
of his exertions: & are
such such, that no
other more favourable
to the aggregate of happiness
can be obtainable.

Dissatisfied, however,
with it would naturally
be the Parents of
such scholars as were
thus behind the others
such, accordingly, as
were rich enough, to
be dictated to endeavour
to supply the deficiency
by the employment
of Private

This, however, would
scarcely be found practicable
with advantage
viz. in a school well
conducted, & thence
maximizing the number
of scholars, for
in such a school, by
the principle of equality
of attention, as above, the
whole of each scholar's
applicable time wd.
be filled up by the course
appointed by the common
instruction, none wd. be
left to be applied by
this Private Sector.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
S.14. Locable who.

14 contind.

Corollary to the education
provided for functionaries,
do. fo all others.
Expence to government
at the actual, minimum
at length, equal 0.
Perfection greater than
any attainable by a
greater quantity of extent:
Maximized thus —
1. Aptitude as to happiness
2. Equality, as applied to
3. Extent, to which apt
education in all degrees
of aptitude is carried.

Note accordingly that
by every partial particle of emolument
attached by government,
over and above
the minimum necessary
for subsistence, probability
of the aptest instruction
is not encreased but diminished
for of the motives
to assiduity of attention
and closeness of attention,
the force is proportionably

The more close and extensive
the attention of
instructors, the superintendents
and advisers
to the mode of employing
instructors to the best advantage
or the most efficient
manner, the larger
will be the quantity
of instruction received
and attained in
a given time by the
aggregate of scholars.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
S.14. Locable who.

14 contind.

Abstraction made
of the effect of the obstruction
applied by
the united force of sinister
interest, interest-
begotten prejudice, &
authority begotten do.
operating on original
weakness in influential
situations, the closer
and most extensively
applied the
attention employed in the
forming a first estimate
of the comparative importance
of the different
branches of art and
science as to happiness,
the greater will be the
aggregate of happiness
thus produced.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
S.19. Subordinater.
S.14. Locable who.

Instructions or Rationale
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