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1824. Novr. 23<hi rend="superscript">d

Constitutional Code.

Ch. VI. Legislature
§. 13. Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n Committee.

Ch. VI. Legislature.
§. 13. Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n committee.

II. 5 9.
9. Experience, to wit in
that outward and
shadowy form which, as
above, is so easily accepted
as the substance,
he can not be denied
to have. General kindness
and affability, if
either natural disposition
or artificial pretence,
have sufficed
to produce an adequate
display of these engaging
qualities, will
secure to him all hearts
and with the hearts
all votes.

II. 6. 10.
10. By no other person,
in that same situation,
can those titles to
confidence, fallacious
as they are, yet not the
less effective, have been
manifested. By what
person could any and
what competition be
set up against him?
Odium, as above, would
be certain, success

11. Consult experience.
Look round in all countries,
and all political
situations — everywhere
you will see, that, in
the ordinary state of
things, in a vast proportion
of the whole
number of cases, on
the part of an inoffensive
man, election for
a year is in effect,
election for life.

---page break---

Ch. VI. Legislature.
§. 13. Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n Committee<p>First Sheet
III 12.
12. Widely different
the ease of a member
of the Legislature is that of one
of a Continuation Committee.
Abundantly greater
in his instance the
probability of appropriate
aptitude in these
three branches. Setting
aside sinister interest
or private sympathy
on the part of the members
of the Legislature in
the character of Electors
while any one individual
was in existence,
by whom, in manner
abovementioned, manifestation
had been made
of those same branches
of appropriate aptitude,
and without any marked
deficiency on the score
of appropriate moral
aptitude, what chance
could there be for any
person by whom they
had not been manifested?

2 13.
13. For Electors, every
man will here have
had — not a promiscuous
body of men,
reduced to act, the great
majority of them, on the
ground of judgments
not their own, -- but a
comparatively small &
select body, composed of
men, the whole of whose
capacity for labour has
for so long a time been
bestowed — if upon any
thing, upon that conduct,
which is the very
subject matter of the
question concerning
appropriate aptitude.

---page break---

Ch. VI. Legislature
§. 13. Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n Committee<p>IV. I 14.
14. II. As to appropriate
moral aptitude.

Though, for reasons that
will be seen, not first
mentioned -- not the less
true is it, that, in
comparison of this branch,
the three other branches
abovementioned are,
even when taken together,
of but subordinate
importance. Only
on the supposition
of their being accompanied
with this, will
appropriate aptitude
in any other shape or
shapes, be found to
operate in augmentation
of the aggregate
stock of appropriate

IV. 2 15.
15. Suppose, to a certain
degree, the inaptitude
and opposite to appropriate
moral aptitude
present — propensity to
depredation or oppression,
for example —
mischief, in these
shapes respectively,
will be the object of
endeavour, and the
greater the stock of
appropriate aptitude
in these three branches
taken together, the
greater, in regard to
that same sinister
endeavour, will be
the probability of success.

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