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1824. Novr. 23.
Constitutional Code

Ch. VI. Legislature.
§ 90. Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n Committee.
§. 6. Eligible
§. 20 who

Ch. VI. Legislature.
§. 13. Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n Committee.

First Sheet
VI. I 16. 12
16. Be this as it may,
not more favorable to
superiority in the scale
of appropriate aptitude
in the moral branch
is the undiscontinued
relocability system than
to superiority in those
other branches.

17. 13
17. Of the temptations,
to the actions of which,
in that situation,
appropriate moral
aptitude stands exposed,
the strength is matter
of universal experience,
and has been already
brought to view. Love
of power in all it's
shapes, love of the matter
of wealth in all
it's shapes — opportunities
of affording gratification
to these sinister
desired, on so easy a
condition as that of joining
in the necessary
measures with the
givers of all these good gifts,
of these incentives, the
force augments, of
necessity, and in course,
with the length of the
time, during which, in
possession and expectation
together, the
opportunities and habit of
affording gratification
to them those have continued.

18. Every year, on the
part of the Representative,
the relish for the
power legitimately
attached to his situation,
gains strength by exercise:
every year, his
connection with the givers
of illegitimate good
gifts — the Tempter General and

---page break---

Ch.VI. Legislature.
§. 13. Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n Committee.

15 18 contind.
and his subordinates Tempters
becomes closer & better
established; every year
the facility of affording
gratification to the
appetite of for power and
money gains encrease:
every year the gratification
is rendered, by
habit, more indispensable,
the idea of parting
with it more intolerable.
On the other hand,
on the part of Constituents,
the mass of favors
received becomes more
and more extensive, the idea, of
returning hostility for
such kindness, more
and more intolerable.

16 19.
19. All this time, by the
conjoined power of the
members of the confederacy —
the Prime and
other Ministers on the
one part, and the
undislocable Legislature on
the other, one main use
made of the matter of
corruption in all it's
forms, will be the
giving continual encrease
to it's own bulk: and
thus, the more they
have of it, the more
they will acquire.

20. True it is, that to
minimize the mass
of capital thus
employable is, throughout
the whole texture of
this Code, a main
object of endeavour.
Minimization, yes:
but extirpation is not

---page break---

Ch. VI. Legislature.
§, 13, Continuat<hi rend="superscript">n Committee.

22 21.
21. By the temporary
non relocability system, --
in regard to
appropriate cognitive knowledge,
judicative judgment and active
aptitude talent, to the above
described probable
deficiency on the part
of a great majority,
a comparative
abundance will
naturally be substituted;
in regard to appropriate
moral aptitude,
the efficiency of all
the matter of corruption
in all it's shapes,

21 22.
21. Such are the
disadvantages, under
which the undiscontinued
system stakes the
continuance of the
Constitution, and the
whole future condition
of the state,
upon the chance of
a first choice: a
choice which will
naturally have been
made under circumstances
of eminent disadvantage.

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