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1824 Oct. 14Constitutional Code
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
Requisitive function
§. 6. Procurative function.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 6. Procurative function

III 1 9.
Art. 9. In what case the
Prime Minister may of his
own authority procures
for any & what purposes
any & what article the
Legislature will determine.
So in regard to Ministers
& their Sub-ordinates.

Objects by which the
line will be drawn, are,
1. Importance of the Service
2. Cost of the article.

III 2. 10.
Art. 10. In the case of a subordinate
the importance
of the service will afford no
reason for giving him the
power in any other case than
that by which by his waiting
for authority from his superordinate,
the service to
which the article was necessary,
would have been prevented
from being rendered.

III 3 11.
Art. 11. Examples of cases
in which self supply as above
may be necessary in
the situation of a subordinate:
1. Military necessity in the
land Defensive Service.
2. — in the Sea Defensive
Service — See Ch. X Defensive

IV 1 12.
Art. 12. Articles of which the
Legislature will preserve to itself
the procurement.

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Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
§. 6. Procurative function

I. Persons.
1. Functionaries in augmentation
of the land defensive.
2. So of the Sea do
3. — of the permanent
official personal strength of any
Sub-department, at Government

IV. 2 13.
Art. 13. II. Things unmoveable.
1. Fortifications: Such excepted
as in time of war
actual or immediately apprehended,
need may have
place before answer could
probably come from competent
authority to applications
petitive or rogative.
2. &c. for navigable
3. Naval Storehouses.
4. Works belonging to the
Interior Communication Minister,
& incidentally the
Sublegislature — Roads,
Canals, &c.
4. Official Houses.

IV 3. 14.
Art. 14. III. Things moveable —
1. Navigable vessels, to a
certain size, with their
appurtenances & stores, in addition
to the ordinary
2. Arms, ammunition,
military clothes, & subsistence
in addition to do.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Members Collectively
§. 6. Procurative function

Fresh Sheet

VI 15.
Art. 15. For the procurement
of all such articles
mandate from the Legislature
to the proper functionary
will be a necessary

V 2 16.
Art. 16. On each occasion,
the determination, between
the modes of procurement
will either be
made by the Legislature
or left to the Minister.
So in the case of articles
needed by Sub-Legislatures
within their respective

To this determination
will be directed the exercise
given to the Statistic
followed by the regulation
and exception excepted
publication functions.

kindred & consequent function
as per §. 8.

V S.
Art. 17. Cases in which between
mode & mode of procurement
as to certain articles
antagonization may
have place — examples.
1. Army & Navy, arms & ammunition,
between fabrication
& purchase.
2. Navy — navigable vessels
between fabrication, purchase
& hire.
3. Health Subdepartment
as to various medicines between fabrication
fabrication & purchase.
4. All Subdepartments as
to Buildings, between fabrication,
purchase & hire: as to fabrication
between Gov<hi rend="superscript">t</hi> account
& Contract.

V 4 18.
Art. 18. On what individual
occasions in what subdepartments
warrant from Prime Minister
a Minister may procure
for the Service of his Subdepartment
any & what articles
Legislature will determine: &
So as to Subordinate functionaries:
always understood that of all
articles so procured, entry will
be made to the Register Book
of the Office.

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