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1826. May 16. B.3 8
Constitutional Code

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 8 Not copied
Art _____ or 8 Outset
Book continued —
11. Moveable Stock
continued. Modes of
manifestation for Ministers
and other Superordinate's

or 9. Not copied
Art. _____ or 9. Imitative
or say representative
substitutes — their uses.

Note 9(a) Not copied
New mode of indication
by draughts
monthly Apl. 1826.

10. Not copied
Art _____ or 10 Thing not
manifestable notifiable but by
receptacles. Examples.

11. Not copied
Art _____ or 11. Fixt, the
only notification
receptacles. These are
1. Open areas.
2. Edifices.

12 Not copied See 16
Art _____ or 12. 1. Things
fit to be kept in open
areas Examples.
1. Timber for Edifices
or Ships.
2. Stones & Bricks
Cannon mortars
Cannon Balls etc.

13. Not copied
Art _____ or 13. Instruments
of notification
here are Fences real
bounding and constituting
or ideal, marked by
imitative draughts

---page break---
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively
§.6. Statistic function.

Copied Chang
Art. _____ or 14 Rule. On
every change in the
compartments, make
a new correspondent
manifold Draught and
transmit exemplars
as in other cases: dating
and numbering
these several additions.

15. Not copied
Art _____ or 15. Things
requiring Edifices — Causes
need of preservation
1. from theft.
2. from destruction or
deterioration spontaneous
or purposed.

16. Not copied
Art _____ or 16 Subdepartment,
and of the most
complicated mode of
notification, the Health
Minister's. Necessary here
in each apartment, aggregates
of fixt yet moveable
shelves open or closed, and
opening upwards or side

On the shelves are
deposited the stock inclosed
either in Boxes, if air
may be admitted: in jars
or glasses, if not.

Of the first receptacle,
draughts, exhibiting ground
plan and elevation, will
be added to those of the

---page break---
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

Art _____ or 17. In the draught,
according to it's and
that of the immediate
receptacles, they will be
designated either by the
names of the articles,
or by numbers: if by
number, the names with
the same numbers
will be inserted in the
margin of the draught.

18 Not copied
Art _____ or 18 To what
degree of minuteness this
mode of indication is
carried will be determined
by the expence of
delineation drawing and stowage.

19 Copied
Art _____ or 19 Moveable
articles classed
1. Articles fit for use.
2. Articles in natural
and artificial state.
3. Instruments of fabrication
to wit engines
and Tools.
4. Vehicles.
5. Beasts of conveyance.
6. Works in hand.
Description varying
with the species of

Art _____ or 10. Heads of
entry for each species
of article. Examples.

Art _____ or 21. All
comprehensive uses of
1. Maximization of
2. Minimization of loss.
3. Keeping up the requisite
stock amount.

---page break---
Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

22. Copied
Art _____ or 22 Rule as
to stowage of articles
sent to a distance
where divers sorts of
articles (say 3.) require to be
used together, send one
assortment of each by each
conveyance there, if one
miscarries the others
may be serviceable —
not the whole stock of
one by one conveyance;
of another by another:
for then if one miscarries,
all will be unserviceable.

22(a) Copied
Examples of this over
sight fell within the
author's observation knowledge in the
course of the Revolutionary
War. Cannon in
oneship,balls in another,
powder in a third. etc.

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