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1826. May 17. C5 14

Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 16 or 9.
Art ^^^ or 16 Journal
continued. V. Occurrences:
Relation had to the
aggregate of the official
all occurrences will
be either interior or
exterior. Is not this
in A?

To the head of interior
occurrences belongs
every transaction to
which any one of the
functionaries belonging
to it is as such
a party. For the registration
of these,
provision has been
made already, as above.

Art ^^^ or 17 Among relatively
exterior occurrences,
those wh
present a demand for
registration in the
Books of a Subdepartment
will be such
as are of a nature to
call into exercise
some function of
some functionary
belonging to that same

Relation had to the
business thereof these
may be termed relevant

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 18
Art ^^^ or 18. Of the subdepartment,
to the business
of which receipt
and registration of evidence
of exterior occurrences
will be more
particularly apt to be
needful, examples are the
1. Army Subdepartment.
Time, war time occurrence,
war engagement: , favourable or unfavourable:
2. arrival or
miscarriage of a
2. Navy Subdepartment
Time and occurrence
as above.
3 Preventive Service Subdepartment.
arrival of a calamity or
commotion. For examples
of calamities, see
Ch. XI. Ministers Severally
§. 6.
4. Health Subdepartment.
Occurrence, breaking out
or importation of a disease
regarded as contagious.
5. Foreign Relation Subdepartment.
Token of hostility on the
part of a Foreign state.
6. Trade Subdepartment:
to wit,in respect of status
of things and events regarded
as presenting a
demand for fresh regulations
relative to the
manner of carrying on
trade, or as obstructing
or facilitating the giving
execution and effect to
existing regulations.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 19.
Art ^^^ or 4. Heads of
Entry. Examples -
1. Place of the occurrence:
description or particulars,
as may be.
2. Time of the occurrence:
description or
particulars, as may be.
3. Time: to wit day,
and in some cases
hour of the receipt
of the information of
the occurrence at
the offices by which it
is recorded.
4. Name and description
of the person or
persons by whom the
information is delivered
at the Office:
distinguishing whether
by personal appearances
and oral
discourse, or by epistolary
5. Nature of the
evidence by which the
fact of the occurrence
is more or
less probabilized:

or 20.
Art ^^^ or 5. With a
solicitude proportioned
to the importance
of the occurrence, on
the receipt of the
information at the office,
it will be the endeavour
of the directing
functionaries to trace
it up to it's sources,
or to trace each alledged
fact up to the person
or persons who, in
relation thereto, are stated
as having, by means
of any one or more of
the five senses, been
percipient witnesses.
For the mode of making this
investigation, see Ch. VI. Legislative § 27 Legislative Enquiries Judicatory; and Procedure Code table Evidence.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.
II Journal Book
V. Occurrences

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