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1826. May 24 C9 18

Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

XVIII I or 45.
Art ^^^ or 45 Journal
continued. VI. Written
instruments: or say
in the English practice ++require being back to the
they attested,
documents. These belong
in some sort to the already
mentioned category
of things moveable:
but being, in respect
of their use, so different
from all other
things, they require to
be distinguished from
things at large, and
treated of under a
separate head.

this or 46.
Art ^^^ or 46. Instruments
of discourse at large
the things in question
are instruments
of the discourse carried
on for official
purposes: applied as
they are to the purpose
of appropriate instruction:
to wit, by communication
of appropriate
they are in current
legal language
termed documents,
and when employed
on a judicial occasion,
the sort of
evidence they are
considered as being
composed of or furnishing,
is stiled documentary

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 47.
Art or 47. By means
of the manifold system,
these subject matters of
registration will for the
most part without further
care, register themselves:
in every case,
each such instrument
issued will stand exhibited
by the examples kept
in the office from whence
it was issued; and where
other exemplars of the
same instrument are
transmitted to other offices
as they will be in
most, if not all
cases, it will be again
exhibited in all these
several exemplars.
Each such instrument
received into that same
office will, at all times,
exhibit itself in the
written treasury of that
same office: and here,
too, a like multiplication
will be made
from the same source.

Two matters of fact, however,
remain, for preservation
of the memory of which so many
separate acts of registration
will be necessary:
these are, the day on which
received, and the hand by
which delivered. Office,
at which these acts will
be to be performed, the office
into which the written
instrument is recd.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 48.
Art or 48. Uses of
registration under
these two heads.
I. To the service
1. Security agst non-
2. Security agst undue
II. To the functionary
employed in the delivery.
1. Security agst false imputation
of delinquency,
by non-delivery.

or 49.
Art or 49. Ulterior
securities employable
for the benefit of the
instrument conveying
1. Separate receipt acknowledging
delivered to him.
And, as below, Art.
Documentary Issue
and Receipt Book.

or 59.
Art. or 59. Case, in
which the separate
of the receipt of documentary
will be particularly
needful. Person
from whom the
instrument is received,
not a functionary
but a person at large;
here, unless a written
instrument of receipt
be given to him, no evidence
of receipt will
he have in his own
power for his own

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

VI. Instruments written
V. Occurrences (exterior)

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