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1826. May 20. +

Constitutional Code

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 1.
Art. ^^^ or 1. Loss considered
as liable to befal
the Service of a Subdepartment
may be considered
as receiving division
from two sources:
to wit the subject matter
and the efficient

or 2.
Art ^^^ or 2. Subject -
matters, as above, may
1. Personal Service, or
say Services of persons.
2. Things unmoveable.
3. Things moveable.
4. Money.

or 3.
Art ___ or 3. Efficient
causes of the loss may
be -
1. Purely human agency:
to wit, on the part of
functionaries or non
functionaries: on the
part of functionaries
belonging to the office
in question, or on the
part of functionaries
belonging to other offices.
2. Purely natural agency
as in the case of
calamity or casualty:
as to the different
sorts of calamities, see
Ch. XI. Ministers Severally.
§.6. Preventive
Service Minister.

3. Mixt agency: to wit,
where the loss has for
it's efficient cause calamity
or casualty, produced
or aggravated by

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 3. contind.
by misconduct culpable
or criminal, positive
or negative, on the
part of some person or
persons, functionaries or

or 4.
Art. ___ or 4. Subject matter
or sources of loss
1. Personal service -
Modes of loss. Examples -
1. Non-attendance, or say
absentation absolute: the
functionary not being attendant
or occupied in
any place, on business
belonging to his office.
2. Non-attendance relative:
attendance and occupation
in a place in which
his service was not so
profitable as it wd. have
been in some other place.
3. Application uneconomical:
the work to which
his service was applied
not so profitable as some
other to which it might
have been applied.
4. Non-operation during
5. Operation careless or rash
during attendance, thence
service not so profitable
as it might have been.

or 5.
Art. ___ or 5. Incontestably
proveable -
1. Non-attendance absolute.
2. Non-attendance relative.
3. Non-operation during

Not incontestably proveable -
1. Application inconvenient.
2. Operation careless or rash.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

or 6.
Art. ___ or 6. II. Subject
matter or source of loss
a thing immoveable.
I. Land adapted to husbandry.
Modes of loss
1. Non-culture.
2. Culture uneconomical.

II. Land covered with
Buildings or employed
in ground works.
Modes of loss. Examples.
1. Non-occupation.
2. Applications uneconomical.
3. Deterioration spontaneous,
for want of
appropriate reparation.
4. Deterioration by positive
human agency.
5. Mode of reparation

III. Land, the value of
which is constituted
by application made
of portions of it's substance,
after converting
them from their unmoveable
to a moveable
state: as in the
case of mines, quarries,
chalk pits, gravel pits.
Modes of loss. Examples.
1. Non-application.
2. Application uneconomical.

IV. Land in any one of
the above conditions.
Appropriate source of
profit, elimination temporary,
by lease letting
Modes of loss. Examples.
1. Non-lease letting
2. Lease letting gratuitous.
3. Lease letting at under

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

III. Loss Book
or 6. contind.
4. Lease letting to a Lessee
by whom it is deteriorated.
5. Lease letting to a non-solvent
6. Lease letting to a Lessee
by whom, at the end of the
term, it is not surrendered.

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