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1826. May 20. Constitutional Code

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively. S.6. Statistic Function.

or 7

Art... or 7. II Subject
matter or source of
loss, a thing moveable
modes of loss. Examples
1. Non application
2. Application uneconomical
3. Deterioration or destruction
for want of appropriate
4. Deterioration by positive
human agency.
5. Deterioration for want
of reparation.
5. Miscalculation:
strange in a place not
conveniently accessible:
whence less of labour
employed in excess.
In case of articles not
applicable but by
consumption, as food,
fuel &.c
6. Consumption useless
7. Consumption excessive
8. Consumption uneconomical.
9. Lease gratuitous.
10. Lease, at under price.
11. Lease to a borrower
by whom it is deteriorated.
12. Lease to a non-solvent
13. Lease to a borrower
by whom it is not returned.
14. Elimination by accident,
without blame
to the custodial functionary.

---page break---
or 7 contind.

15. Elimination through
negligence or rashness
on the part of the custodial
16. Embezzlement by the
custodial functionary.
17. Theft, by another person,
functionary or non functionary.
18 Fraudulent obtainment
by do.
19. Peculation: from less
in any one of the above
or other forms, or profit derived
by a direction or
custodient functionary.

or 8.

Art... or 8. Efficient
causes and modes of
spontaneous deterioration.
2. Exsiccation
4. Induration.
5. Emacliction
6. Fermentation, saccharineacetous,
or putrefaction.
7. Discoloration.

or 9.

Art... or 9. Efficient causes
or modes of spontaneous
destruction. Examples
1. Subject matters vegetable
in a natural state in large
masses. Efficient cause,
contribution in consequence
of fermentation.
2. Subject matter vegetable
in a manufactured state
sails on cordage heaped
together in a humid state,
with an contiguity
to matter
efficient cause, combustion
as above.

---page break---
or 9 contind.

3. Subject matter mineral
with vegetable in a
manufactured state,
gunpowder. Efficient
cause of destruction, by
explosion, in wind as
glass a bubble having
the effect of a lens.

or 10.

Art... or 10. Subject
matters, considered in
respect of their degrees
of natural durability,
independently of their
application to use.
Articles of greatest
1. Precious stones crystalized.
2. Stones ( of
Earths) in general.
3. Metals in general.
4. Shells of shell fish,
my naturalist ranked
under the name of
5. Bones and horns of
6. Alcohol... bodies,
and other products of
chemical analysis if
kept from evaporation
and communication
with the atmosphere.
II. Articles of least natural
durability: tho'
for a greater or lesser
length of time preservable
by the art.
1. Flesh of animals
2. Herbaceous parts
of vegetables.
III Articles of intermediate
degrees of natural
durability. Examples.
1. Wood of ligneous plants
2. Seeds of plants as wheat
& other grain.
3. Roots, tuberous and
bulbous. Art.11

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