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1826. May 23d. 2 D 5. 24

Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

or 15.
Art ^^^ or 2. Exceptions
1. Where, and in so far
as the value of the subject
matters with reference
to the service
may be affected by age;
and thence by the time
they have continued in
the service: in most
cases, it will thus be
deteriorated, but in some
it may be improved.

or 16.
Art ^^^ or 3. As to persons,
up to a certain
age, their value will
naturally be increased
by experience: beyond
a certain age, it may
be diminished by weakness.

or 17.
Art ^^^ or 4. As to things,
of most things, the value
regularly decreases
by age: but of some, before
it decreases, it
commonly increases:
witness many fermented

or 18.
Art. ^^^ or 4. Hence, a
memento, where the effect
of the age is important
enough to be worth
the trouble, establish a
column, headed "When
with or without
another, headed "When
to wit, where
the time of production
is known, and the difference
between that
and the time of introduction
into the service
is considerable.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

or 19.
Art. ^^^ or 5. Causes or
occasions of loss, by human
agency, on the part of supreme
functionaries, to
wit the Legislators.

1. Expenditure of persons,
things moveable, and money,
in commencement,
continuance of or preparation
for, needless
2. Expenditure of do. in the
purchase, foundation, or
emancipation of distant
3. Expenditure of d<hi rend="underline">o</hi> of money
on articles, for the
accommodation or amusement
of the comparatively
opulent few at the expence
of all, including in
prodigiously greater number,
the unopulent many,
who are incapable of participating
in the benefit:
production of the fine arts,
for instance, and books
the uselessness of which
is demonstrated by their

The expense, however, is
in this third case but as
a drop of water to the
ocean, compared with
what it is in the two
former: and the mischief
consists - not so much
in the absolute expence
as in the preference given
to it over needful
expences, and in it's operation
in the character

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

or 19 contind.
of an instrument of
corruption, by means
of the official situation
carved out of it,
and in that of an instrument
of delusion,
contributing to the awe-striking
quality of objects,
to beget and maintain
a habit of blind
and unscrutinizing
submissions on the part
of the subject many.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

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