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1826. May 22d. A. 2 2

Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

IV. entry 9.
Art. 9. As in all other
portions of discourse,
designed for instruction
so in these,
properties desired will
be - 1. in each taken separately — 1. Clearness
2. Correctness 3.
Comprehensiveness; in
all, taken collectively and
4. Symmetry.

VI 2 10.
Art. 10. In case of any
change of method as
between any succeeding
year and the
preceding year, convenience
in respect of
reference to the Book entries
of dates anterior to the
change, may require
that between the
method of the one & that
of the other Symmetry
shd. be made to have
place: sole means
by which this wd. be
done to each Book aggregate
of entries written before the change,
substituting a fresh new
Book aggregate, exhibiting the
same matter in the
form given to those
written after the change.

VII 11.
Amended Art. 11. Of every office
in every Subdepartment,
the Books will
be either outset Books,
or Diary or say Journal
Books: of the outset
Books, the first will be
the original outset
Book, the others so
many successive
and if
order, Periodical
outset Book.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

VII 2 12
Art. 12. Of In the original
outset Book will be an
Inventory of the whole
Stock of the Subdepartment,
as distinguished
into the first of the five
subject matters of
registration, as per Art 3,
as they exist on the day
of the commencement
of the plan system of registration
then delineated.

Art. 13. In the Journal,
will be contained
entries, recording the
occurrences which, on the
several days of the year, take
place in respect of those
same subject matters:
with the addition of such
other occurrences of
which, under the name
of exterior occurrences,
mention is also made
in Art 31. It may be
divided into the correspondent
number of Sub-books.

VII 3 14.
Art. 14. At the end of a
certain length of time,
the same causes wh.
produced the demand
for the original Inventory,
will produce a
demand for another, and
so successively for others:
if between each the
lengths of time are the
same, they will constitute
so many Periodical
outset Books

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

VII 3 14 contind.
If the day on which
the original outset
Book bears date is the
first day of that year,
then the time between
the date of the original
Outset Book and that
of each successive Outset
Book will be a year,
commencing on the
same day with the
solar year: if it be any
other day, the year to
which commences with it belongs will
require a different
denomination, and may
be termed a service
year. Simplicity will
require that these
distinctions be avoided:
this will be done by
placing on the first
day of the next solar year,
the date of the Second
Outset Book, and so
of every successive
Outset Book, whatsoever
were the
date of the first.
Outset Bo

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function

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