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1826. May 22d. + + 1 + A 3 3
Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6.Statistic Function

VII. 15.
Art 15. 1. Uses: 1. of the Service Books,
as above. taken together.
Aggregate, all comprehensive
and ultimate
use of these Books,
maximization of,
good or say benefit,
as above to and by the Service.

Art. 16. Particulars,
elementary and
instrumental uses,
1. On each day, showing
the stock in hand
for the next and
succeeding days of that
same year.
2. Contributing to form
or ground for estimation
of the ordinary
demand and correspondent
supply for the
service of succeeding
3. Contributing to
present to view, within
time instances of
extraordinary demand
and extraordinary supply.
4. Thence, contributing
to the making of timely
provision for similar
succeeding demands.
as to Procurement
5. Indicating, by means
of the real stock,
unmoveable and moveable,
of the office to
use, the most
economical mode of
procurement, as between
fabrication, purchase &
in relation to the
several articles of which it is composed.

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Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6.Statistic Function

16 contind.
6. Furnishing data and
standards of comparison
with a view to improvements
in fabrication
in respect of serviceableness
and cheapness:
whether by substitution
of more economical
employment of the
same materials, in
the same modes, of
of different modes of fashioning
or putting together those
same materials, or of
more apt or cheaper
7. In regard to procurement
by purchase or hire,
indicating past prices,
paid with a view to
economy by obtaining
the article from the
same or other dealers,
in better quality, or at
less price paid.
8. In regard to application
of stock by sale or lease
letting, indicating past
prices obtained with a
view to increase of profit
by disposing of the
article to the same
or other purchasers or
hirers, at an increase of
price received.
9. In respect of Storage,
whether in an immoveable
or a moveable state,
(as per Art. _____ below),
for the several moveable
articles of stock, indicating
the demand, present
and future, probable, with
a view to the prevention of

---page break---
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6.Statistic Function

15 contind.
of deficiency at the
several places where
needed, or the more
economical storage
of the quantity actual
or future probable.
10. As between place
and place of storage,
indicating the distribution
made of the aggregate
amount of stock
in hand, personal and
real, for the purpose
of securing the
correspondency between need
and supply at each, as
against deficiency n
one place and
redundance in another:
which is what may happen
that in the aggregate
of the quantity in all
places taken together,
the correspondence
between need and supply,
is compleat.
11.In case of redundance,
affording indication
of it with a
view to the stoppage
of any works, the
fabrication of which may
be in progress, the
prevention of any the
fabrication of which, for
want of due observation,
might otherwise
have been commenced
on with a view
to the disposal, by
sale or lease letting, of
any part at present
needless, and not likely
to be needed in
future, soon enough
to warrant the keeping
it in hand.

---page break---
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6.Statistic Function

15 contind.
I Books
IV. Misconduct prevention See Loss
12. Affording evidence
of misconduct —
wilful, or through negligence
or rashness — on the part
of subordinate functionaries,
with a view to transmission,
degradation, dislocation
and punition.
13. Affording evidence in
case of fraud or
non-performance of contract
on the part of
non-functionaries with whom the
office has had dealings:
with a view to obtainment
of satisfaction, with
or without remedy by
punishment. See Art
as to uses of the Loss
14. In case of extra
merit on the part of
subordinate functionaries,
indicating demand for
extra remuneration,
see Art.

For more particular uses so
far as regards the
personal stock, see below
Art. _____.

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