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1826. May 22d. A 4 4
Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

Expository 16.
Art. 16. III. Loss Book or
Books. By a Loss Book
understand a Book
in which is made
entry of loss in all
shapes, with the causes:
in each case whether the loss be
how ascertained,
conjectured, and or

Art. 17. To each subject
matter, as above, there
may be a Loss Sub book.

Art. 18. As to things
moveable — Serviceably
be those which are no
otherwise of use than
in so far as they are
consumed: disserviceably
eliminated, as
above, those, from the
elimination of which
no profit is in any
shape derived.

19 Uses
Art. 19. III Loss Book
in Uses: to wit. 1
All comprehensive
and ultimate use of
it in respect of contents
and form of loss.

Art 20. Particular,
elementary and
instrumental uses, these.
1. As to each individual
loss, preventing
or minimizing the
instance of it's removal,
by pointing the attention
of those whom it
may concern to it's
nature, efficient causes,
and authors.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.
20 contind.

2. So, to the aggregate
annual or other periodical
3. Serving for comparison
between each and
each other's year's loss:
thereby for increase of
preventive attention
where loss is upon the
4. For the purpose of
prevention in future, pointing
the attention of
inspecting superordinates
to loss by negligence or
wilfulness on the part
of their subordinates, and
to loss by wilful
delinquency on the part of
5. So, to loss by the
disadvantageous bargains
with non-functionaries
on the occasion of
purchase or hire, sale or
6. So, to extra merit
on the part of subordinates,
in respect of
the prevention or
diminution of loss, with
a view to extra remuneration.
7. Exciting and keeping
up emulation among
subordinates as to the
minimization of loss.
8. Pointing the attention
of the Public Opinion
Tribunal to the prevention
of loss by the apprehension
of its censors
and furnishing it with
matter to operate upon.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

Art 21. Efficient causes
of loss may be these
1. Unpreventible accident
or casualty. Unpreventible
accidents, tho'
by the supposition they
can not be prevented,
may yet be foreseen
as more or less probable,
and accordingly,
in the way of supply,
provided against.
2. On the part of a
directing or custodient
functionary, want of
appropriate information.
3. On want of adequate
and due attentions.
4. On the part of a
directing or custodient
functionary, embezzlement
or peculation.
5. On the part of a
non-functionary, stealing
or fraudulent obtainment.

Art. 22. In a proportion
more or less
considerable, the causes,
the authors, and even
the amount will be
out of the reach of
ascertainment; for a
time at least, even
out of the reach of
conjecture. But, from this
uncertainty, no reason
results for forbearing
or omitting to put up a
record, in any case, so
much as is ascertained,
and in some cases
the subject-matter and
result of conjecture.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 6. Statistic function.

22 contind.
For forbearance, tho
only efficient cause will
be what may have place
in regard to supposed
authors of loss, and is
produced by the danger of
injury to the reputation
of persons, on whose part
no blame, in any shape,
has had place. Note
here, that evidence not
sufficient to warrant
legal punishment at the
hands of the constituted
may be
sufficient to produce
and warrant censure,
or at least tutelary
suspicion, at the hands of
the Public Opinion
: and in this case,
as well as the other,
the publicity given to
past transgressions will
contribute to the prevention
of succeeding ones.

II Loss Book III I 3 6 12
For the several shapes
in which loss is
to have place with relation
to the several
subject matters
of registration,
to wit the several
species of stock, see
below Art. .

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