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1826. July 8. 2 4

Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 21. Oppression obviated.

II. Remedies 15.
Art 15. Oppression of
non-functionaries by
Remedies —
1. Ordinary.
2. Peculiar.
Ordinary those in
Penal Code under,
1. Oppression
2. Extortion.

II.Remedies 16.
Art 12. Peculiar, those
here provided: viz.
1. Rules for deportment
of functionaries
towards non-functionaries,
as above.
2. Tabular exposition
of do..
3. Of all complaints of
contravention of do.,
registration, as per Ch. XII,
Judiciary Collectively,
§. Incidental Complaint
4. Means and satisfaction
eventually provided
for delinquency in
this shape, over and
above those universally
applicable, as per Penal
5. Office of alledged
wronger's superordinate
constituted for
this purpose, an
exception Judicatory,
as per Ch. XII. §. 1.

I. Exposition 13.
Art 13. II. Oppression of
subordinate by
superordinate functionaries.
This is either
1. Locomutative, or
2. Oppression at large.

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 21. Oppression obviated.

I Exposition
Art 14. Species of locomutative
oppression are
as per §. 20. Insubordination.
1. Dislocation.
2. Suspension.
3. Depression permanent.
4. Depression temporary
5. Transference.

I. Exposition 15.
Art 15. Of oppression at large
when exercised on a
functionary the species are the
same as those exercisible
on a non-functionary,
as per §. 20. Insubordination.

II. Remedies 17.*
Art 16. As the species of the
offence, so may be the
remedies employed, as above,
and as per Ch. XII. Judiciary
Collectively. §. Incidental
Complaint Book.

I. Exposition 17.
Art 17. Note that of
oppression at large, if
exercised by a functionary
on a functionary, as
above, dislocation may be
the effect produced:
especially if endeavoured to
wit, by rendering the
situation of the subordinate
to such a degree
uncomfortable that, for
riddance of the discomfort,
resignation may be
resorted to. In this way, any
means of security against
wrongful dislocation
might be frustrated.

II Remedies 19.
Art 18. Special Judge
complained to in case of
oppression at large, as

---page break---

Employ 18 July
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 21. Oppression obviated.

Judicatory II
II Remedies 19. contind.
1.Alledged oppressor a
Minister, Special Judge
the Prime Minister.

II Remedies 20. Judicatory
Art 19. 2 Alledged oppressor,
the Prime Minister —
Judicatory complained
to, the Legislature.

II Remedies 21. Exemplars
Art 20. 3. Alledged
oppressor a functionary
of a grade so inferior
that the Special Judge
will also be of a grade
inferior to that of the
Minister, the complainer
will transmitt to the
Minister and Prime
Minister, exemplars of
the instrument of
complaint for their

II Remedies 22.
Art 21. Optional judgment
in case of complaint
of oppression or
tation at large, or
Appeal against Locomotive
At charge of accuser
or accussee
1. Dislocation.
2. Depression.
3. Transference.
Adding, in any case
satisfaction in any requisite
shape, as per Penal
Case for transference
Case for transference
in either or both parts,
blame none, to either or
mischief to the public
service: or 2. blame
reciprocal, with or without
considerable preponderance.

Remedies 22. Minutation
Art 22. Minutation, by
whom to be made in
case of complaint of
oppression at large.
1. The

---page break---

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 21. Oppression obviated.

Remedies 22. contind.
1. The Registrar of the
Minister or other directing
functionary complained of.
2. The refusing, or there being
none, the chief clerk.
3. The refusing or there
being none, the
complainant, or any person
at his desire, persons
present as visitors being
invited by their signatures
to affirm or deny in any
or every part,the
correctness of the minute
in case of denial, adding
each of them his corrections.

II Remedies 24.
Art 23. At the part of
any person, who being
bound, as above, to
perform registration, or
attach attestation or
contestation, as above, refusal
or wilful omission
is a subject matter of

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