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1827. Jany. 29. Text corrected
Constitutional Code.

Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 10. Officially informative.

1. To and by whom
Art. 1. The information
to and by whom furnished.

2. To and by whom
Art 2. Exceptions will
be made by the Legislature.

3. Expositive
Art 3. Informator,
informatee, information
actual and proposed.

4. To and by whom:
Art 4. To the Legislature,
or Prime Minister,
or both by Ministers:
to Ministers
by their subordinates.

5. To whom
Art 5. In what cases
a subordinate shall
furnish the information
to superior
subperordinates, as well
as to the immediate,
Legislature will
determine, regard had
to the business of
the sub-department.

6. See Elicitation
Art 6. Consequence
of the need of
do. of elicitation, as
per §. 11.+

+ This 7. 8. 9. 10 should have
been inserted in or
referred to from Ch. VI.
§. 28. Legislature Enquiry

---page break---
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 10. Officially informative.

or 1. Practice
Art 7. or 1. English
information system — it's
inadequateness —

or 2.
Art 8 or 2. Consequences.
1. Self-judicative
principle — it's efficiency:
perfect universal
irresponsibility of functionaries
perfected. To neither House
information, the
administration chooses to
conceal, communicated.
2. Of what they wish not
to conceal, much left
uncommunicated and
generally unknown.
3. Thence, for want of
appropriate information,
evil, to an incalculable
extent, produced.
4. Of the information
exhibited to the House
in which almost every
thing originates, next
to none communicated
to the other House, by
which it's enactments
are negativable. Hence,
on each subject matter,
decisions on different
grounds: ground of
decision in the first
inadequate, in dernier
resort much more so:
the whole system of
operations delusive,
mischevious and
when not purposely
rendered so by sinister

---page break---
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 10. Officially informative.

8 or 2. Anglicé contind
5. Delinquency
in Administration
thus protected not
only against legal
punishment, but
against Public Opinion
Tribunal cognizance.

9 or 3. Anglicé
Art 9 or 3. Hence,
proportioned to
distance in time and
place from the seat
of Legislature, is
misfortune and abuse.

10 or 4. Anglicé
Art 10 or 4. Lords etc.
sent to tyrannize:
on complaint,
percipient sent out of
the way of being
rendered narrating

---page break---
Ch. IX. Ministers Collectively.
§. 10. Officially informative.

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