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4 1824. June 23.

Constitutional Code

Ch. X. Defensive Force. Ministers Severally.
§. 10. Remuneration 3. III. Army Minister.

18 or 7.
Art 18. or 7. VII. Expence
Antagonists. 1 Aptitude
maximizing. 2. Contentment
1. Number minimizing.
2. Time occupying.
3. Employm<hi rend="superscript">t.. extending.

Rules. 1. Do by expence
nothing that can be
done better or equally
well without. 2. Minimize
the ratio of the
expence to the profit
derived from it.

Explanations —
1. Expence is 1. Pecuniary,
borne by the community Government
by the hand of Government.
2. Hardship borne by
the individual functionary,
on occasion of
the Service.
2. By expence to the
public community is produced his
condition as to existence
and positive comfort.
On the actual comfort
will depend his condition
when engaged:
on the expected do., his
inducement to engage.

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Ch. X. Defensive Force. Ministers Severally.
§. 10. Remuneration 3. III. Army Minister.

Subjects of expence on
the quality & quantity of
which his positive comfort
depends are
1. Pay (permanent) during
2. Bounty on entrance.
3. Diet.
4. Cloathing.
5. Lodging fixt and moveable.
6. Augmentation, of
any, of pay for length
of service.
7. Augmentation, if any,
of pay, on promotion in
8. Probability of promotion.
9. Compensation for
appropriate casualties —
mutilation, disablement,
wounds, diseases, curable
& incurable.
10. Probability of extra
remuneration for extra
11. Probability of prize
12. Shortness of term of
Service, as per engagement.
NB. The shorter, the
greater the expence of

Benefits or Comforts
not dependent on expence.
1. Faculty of quitting during
engagement, on making
2. Equality of treatment
as to the insalubrity or
disagreeableness of station,
as between individual
and individual, corps
& corps, rank & rank.
3. Faculty of migration
from Corps to Corps.

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The greater the contentment
the less the remuneration.

Ch. X. Defensive Force. Ministers Severally.
§. 10. Remuneration 3. III. Army Minister.

4. Faculty of migration
from Station to Station.
5. Faculty of obtaining
6. Mildness as to
coercion by hardship —
imposing ordinances.
7. Mildness as to
punishment for
8. Security against
oppression from
Superordinates. See Ch.
IX. §.
9. Determinateness
of his lot, as per
instrument of engagement.
N.B. Means of
equalization as to
insalubrity & disagreeableness —
1. Shortness of continuance.
2. Change in an order
determined by lot, as
far as the good of the
service allows.

Thus auxiliary to
Expence minimizing is
contentment maximizing:
not purely antagonistic
as might be supposed.
Here primary
object of regard, Privates
condition: they being
the many: theirs
accordingly, so far as
regards the individuals,
the condition of
primary importance:
viz. in the ratio of the
numbers: & by the
nature of the service, so
much exposed to
irremediable oppression
by Superordinates.

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Ch. X. Defensive Force. Ministers Severally.
§. 1. Leading principles. §. 3. III. Army Minister.
§. 10. Remuneration II. Stipendiaries
7. Expence minimizing.
§. 10. Remuneration
2 Contentment maximizing.

Means of lessening
Inequality are
1. Raising the condition
of the inferiors. This,
except as above, can
not be but by expence.
2. Lowering the condition
of the superiors.
This, in so far as effectible,
is so without
expence, other than that
of defalcation from the
mass of the pleasures
of the power of command,
reaped at the
expence of those
subject to it.

12 Sept. 1827
This seems to
to Lead<hi rend="superscript">g Principles Expence
the Subject
matter of expences
in the aggregate:
not to Remuneration
which is
that particular
portion of the Expence.

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