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1827. Augt. 18
Constitutional Code.

Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister

Treatment during Engagement.
1. Diet.
2. Cloathing
3. Lodging.

29. or 1.
Minimization of hardship
with regard to
salubrity of station.
1. Minimize the length
of time of exposure.
2. With that view,
maximize the number of
corps exposed.
3. Maximize Minimize inequality
of length as between
corps and corps.
4. Maximize the application
of lot as to the
order of exposure.

30. or 2.
Reason. Note, that then the
imputation of partiality
and the power of oppression
in this respect
will be obviated.

31. or 3.
II. Officers. In this shape,
hardship will fall on
them at least in it's full
share. As oppression and
partiality have more
frequently for their object
the officers than the

32. or 4.
Migration facilitated
from corps to corps —
Natural causes of
migration, desire.
1. Desire of separating
from unfriendly comrades.
2. Desire of association
with friendly comrades.

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Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister

33. or 5.
II. Officers. Observations,
as above, in regard to
salubrity of station.

34. or 6.
Migration from Station
to Station facilitated.
Causes of migration,
desire either local. See
above Salubrity of Station:
or moral. See above
migration from corps
to corps.

35. or 7.
So of officers.

36. or 8.
I. Facility as to furloughs.
1. Privates. Causes of desire
either the same as for
change of corps or
station — or more naturally
desire of temporary
intercourse with sympathetic
connections. When total
absentation from service
is desired, the furlough
will necessarily be of
short duration: in
either of the other cases,
it may be extended to
an indefinite degree.

37. or 9.
II. Officers. In their case,
the benefit in this shape
will be shared in a
much larger proportion
than by privates. Reason
not altogether wanting.
1. The greater mass of
comfort conferred on him
who commands as well
as obeys, the greater his
responsibility, and thence
the less the danger of his
abusing his leave of
absence. The greater the mass
of discomfort heaped on him
whose lot is all obedience,
the greater the danger of
delay in returning, or of
absolute desertion.

---page break---
Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister

38. or 10.
Concurrent causes
for enjoyment of this
benefit, two—
1. On the part of the law,
permission to give leave.
2. On the part of the
superordinate functionary,
the giving leave

39. or 11.
8. Pay increase for length
of service.
Reasons against —
frugality — whatsoever a
man will be content
to serve for at a nearer
period, he will still
more be content to
serve for at a remote

40. or 12.
Reasons for. It will
operate as a premium
for abstaining from

41. or 13.
Counter consideration.
The above reason
supposes a disposition
for desertion. For determining
the question,
experiment must be
made, but the influence
of this cause will
be entangled with that
of others, and the greater
the entanglement, the
less instructive the
experiment. The loss is
certain — the profit
involved in obscurity.

42. or 14.
What is certain is
that prevention of
desertion by diminution
of hardship is attended
with no expense.

43. or 15.
Officers. In their case,
no such reason for
extra allowance being to
be found, it would be so much wasted

---page break---
Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister.

V. Contentment maximizd
28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33
34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 43.

VI Inequality minimized
29. 30. 31. 36. 37

IX. Expence minimized
39. 40. 41. 42. 43

Reasons for migration
1. of in
the corps and guard
2. of
in the corps is good.

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