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1827. Augt. 18
Constitutional Code.

Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister

20. or 1.
Art or 1. Facility as to
quitting — 1. Privates —
Not inconsistent with
engagement for life is
the existence of this in
particular cases.
1. Power of discharge
given to a superordinate
and exercised gratuitously,
or for a price
certain or uncertain.

21. or 2.
Art. or 2. Conditions
applicable, if the result
were made dependent
in any way on the
individual's pleasure.
1. The liberty confined to
2. If allowed in war, a
certain length of notice
rendered necessary.

22. or 3.
Art or 3. II. Officers.
Here, too, such the
desireableness of the service,
scarcely is any difficulty
in quitting it ever

23 or 4.
Art. or 4. On diminution
of Defensive
force at the end of a
war, considerandum
whether, instead of
disbanding in bodies, the
diminution might not
be better effected by
giving discharge to individuals
desirous of it.

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Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister

23. or 4 contind.
Reasons for
1. Individual hardship
2. Getting rid of those
rendered less apt by
discontent: keeping none
but those whose aptitude
was increased by

24. or 5.
Reasons contra —
Of knowledge in the
situation no evidence
of which the probative
force would be as the
number quitting to the
number staying: thence
so the reluctance in
others to enlist.

25. or 6.
Art. or 6. Mode of
eliminating by lot none
but those desirous, yet
without giving publicity
to the unwelcome
state of things.
1. To every individual
in the body in question
give two similar pair
of voting cards — one
expressing desire to
continue; the other, desire
to quit.
2. Boxes contiguous, two
into each, each individual
in the corps
drops his vote card thro'
a slit.
3. By all it is seen that
he drops one of his vote
cards in each: by no
one is it seen which.

---page break---
Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister

25. or 6 contind.
4. All are compelled
to vote: otherwise those
supposed discontented
would by the voter be
deterred from voting.
5. Those who could not
be present might be
obliged to vote by proxy.
6. In each pair of cards,
formed as per Election
Code, §. ___ voter's name
written on one,
concealed by the other, &
both sealed together:
each distinguished by
a number.
7. Out of the box
containing the names
of those desirous of
discharge, the numbers
are drawn in
secret by an undiscerning
Of the corresponding
voting tickets, the seals
are then broken, and
the individuals
declared discharged.
8. Discharged, they will
having nothing to fear
from resentment of
quondam superordinates.
9. The others are
publickly burnt unopened.

26. or 7.
Art or 7. On a similar
principle, if more
desired to stay than
it were desired to
keep, those who shall
be obliged to quit
will be determined
by lot.

27. or 8.
Art. or 8. Of this proportion,
between the number
of those desirous
of quitting and do. of those
desirous of staying, the
knowledge might for a
time be confined to
any number of particular
functionaries for
instance — Prime Minister,
Army Minister, Navy
Minister and Finance Minister.

---page break---
Ch. X. Defensive Force.
§. 2. Leading Principles.
§. 3. Army Minister

V Contentment

V. Contentment maximized
20. 21. 22. 23

§. 5. Term of service
20. 21. 22

§. 15. Disbandment
23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

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