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1823 March 28 Constitut. Code 1 Functions
Ch.4 Execution
S Legislation Minister

Art 119. So, to exercise, with relation to the form of the wholeto the body of the 10
Art.10 So, as to
form of which, the
Conservative function

body of the law, taken in its totality, to exerciseLaw and every part thereof the Conservative function.

Art.11 In particular, in the exercise of this function on the first day of every Session 11
Art.11. Particularly
on first day of Session to
to deliver Report stating
effect as to form produced
by all last years instruments:
list by alterations
in substance form
by unintentionally

to deliver in a Report, stating the effect produced in relation
to such form by the several last functions of the Ordinances, or others <add> acts emaring
written instruments offeredfrom any other authoritieswith the Sanction of Law the Legislation
made in the course of the year just closed: to this and that
whatsoever may have been thislost, by alteration made in the substance
the form may remain without having undergone anythe symmetry the of the whole may remain unimproved<add>should be unintentionally impared</add>
such sort changeto the end such the formas established for the whole shall not
undergo any che be in any part be at any time departed in
any particular not expressly intended.

Art. 12. Accordingly , having ofAmong the matters to be contained in such Report 12
Art 12. Among the matters
1. Loss of all portions of
law as to which, in the last
year, addition defalcation
or substitution has had
2. As to each one or another
of these phrases
1. No departure from Symmetry
2. Departure from symmetry
adding time of amendment
proposed to Legislation; or
3. Proposed fresh Edition
with types &c distinguishing
new from old matter.

are shall be the following-

1. shall be a List of all the several parts of the body of the
law, in relation to which, in the course of the Legislationyear just closed, alteration
in any shape — he shall whether by addition, defalcation or substitution
shall have had place: been appliedmade: I 2 thereupon beIn relation to each such part
shall make, his report an <add>appropriate</add>indication shall be given in one or other if th forms of
words following: 1. "Symmetry not disputed from" I: or I "Symmetry No branches of symm : I 2. Departure
departed from from symmetry stating in which this case is to shall be added the tenor of the amendments the parts not commandment
proposed by him for the consideration of to be made by existing Legislative: or else ]
3. a proposed fresh edition, of the portion of law in question,
is given:- an edition, made in framed in such sort, that the purport of the proposition amendments, shall
be of usestands incorporated into the text: and, or the
with appropriate indications being given by types or otherwise, for
enabling the eye at one glance to purpose of the
to distinguish instantaneoulyfrom the parts not intended to be changed
those which by which the change proposed isstands exhibited.

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