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1824. July 26 Constitutional Code.


Ch. XI. Ministers Severally
§.2. II Legislation Minister
☞ The marginals of the
former edition may perhaps
serve for this.

Art. 10 Under the care of the Legislation Minister, Within {seven} days after the last day of the
first Calendar month in every year, and so of every succeeding
month, will be published a printed list of all such
proposed Amendments as shall have been received at his
Office in the course of the relatively month last preceding. Month

The time during which such these instruments continue
so to be received is termed Amendment-receiving, or
Amendment-collection time. Of the month, at the early part
of which they are published as above, the remaining part is
termed Amendment consideration times.

Art. Within |^^^| days, after the last day of this consideration time, if
in the mean time no evidence of disapprobation has been received
by him, either from the Legislature, or from any of the Judiciary
authorities, mentioned in the behalf in Ch. XII Judiciary collectively
§. 16 Eventually emendative function in this behalf mentioned,
an amendment submitted by the Jud Judge principal Judge of an
Immediate Judicatory has thereby will by tacit consent have received the sanction of the
Legislature: and, to the Legislation Minister if in the symmetries
from expressed, to wit in either of the two modes the directive or the venditive, as
per as per Ch. VI Legislature §. Members Motions, he will to aggregate it
in its appropriate place, aggregate it to the body of the laws.

Art. |^^^|. To the printed impression of every Amendment thus aggregated he will
cause to be added, at the bottom of the page, in form of a
indication, brief as possible, of the names, personal
and official of the several Judicial persons Judiciary authorities through which whose
hands as above, it has passed.

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