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1824. June 18 Constitutional Code

Ch. XXI Ministers Severally
S.3.14. Army Minister
SS. Stipendiara applied
IX Expence

Quere whether to employ this law, or at all?


Art. or . V. Expence minimizing principal.

Of the all-embracing principle - the greatest happiness principle
one obvious branch is this, of the principdictates of which extend
thus impose over the application extend, most<add>applicability cures</add> every branch of the service. At which the same
time the case of this object is an interest which antagonizes in some antagonizes with the interest of
every one of these same branches in reality or in appearance
with that of every one of these same branches. Say in appearance:
for it has been seen disertion that in regard to services
of persons expence if unskilfullyunaptly applied may, if in a
certain way unaptly applied counteract and with a force
proportions to the amount of it the objectsall of the to which in
reality or appearance it is directed. When you have employed
the expence necessary to engage for the office the service of an
apt individual, every thing more that you can give to him
will tendrather rather to diminish than to augment increase the value
quantity and value of the service good he will do to the service he will render. Then
it is that by minimize expence, is meant of course
reduce it to narrow something as it can be reduced to
without preponderant detriment to the branch of service to what
it is applied.


Thus it is plusmore particularly in the military force the The If
the expence be not lineated branch be regarded as at the expence The greater the number of functionaries
thus employed, the greater other things equal will be the aggregate efficiencyThe greater the number of the function
of this the aggregate offorce. On the other hand suppose this expen Suppose then
no limit set to the expenceaggregate of , the greater the expence the greater the
numbers you may have. On the other hand suppose the aggregate
if expence a final quantity not to be exceeded , the number you use time
and thus the aggregate efficiency of this force will be inversely
as the quantum of expence bestowed in each: you moreless you give
to each the greater the number you may be able to have of them. you see
engage and maintain namely of those upon which you are ready to give to them is sufficient

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