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1824. June 8

Constitutional Code.

Ch.XXI Ministers Severally

S.3.III Army Minister

SS 4. Radical principle
Expence minimized

Art.23 Thus, marked for cha, int of the list articles of implements
necessary for this preparators service, are all those exemplified as being
employed comments in actual service with the exception of

Art 22 As to appropriate cloathing. in this purpose
From the aggregating leaving to in that this article in the list the
-ting service three distinguishable advantages using
following advantage that will be seen desirable are the following —
-ting from the use of it

Art. 23 Appropriate
cloathing advantage from
the use of it
1. Keeping Radicals constantly
ready to be aggregated
to the Stipendiaries
2. During exercise, recoverykeeping
them constantly distinguishable
from the mixt
3. Preserving the opulent
from aversion to the exercise
and thence to the System
by obligation of close contact
with superior indigent
in superior numbers,
thence disgust from want
of chiness and lightness.

1. Keeping thise individuals belonging to this individualappr part
of the military force in constant readiness to be aggregated
in case of necessity, instantaneously aggregated to that stipendiary employed
for whichin actual service; on which occasion its importance, to the purpose of distinguishing
in time of actual service associates from enemies is obvious and unquestionable.

2. At the time of the preparatory exercise, preventing contributing to
those who are particular in it constantly distinguished from the
miscellaneous multitude.

3. PreventingPreserving the relatively opulent from the being rendered irrictially
averse to the preparatory exercise, and then number
more or less considerable thence to the whole system or defiance of which it makes form
a part: averse, namely by the dis which be
apt liable to be produced in the inabilities of the relativelycomparatively opulent
by the obligation of coming into such close contact with
such multitudes of a superior numbers of comparatively indigent , in such large
numbers proving of whereby whose usual<add></add>cloathing in a proportion to which this would
be no limits by whose condition, in respect of and of cloathing unilicitness
of cloathing, a in sentiment of un compbly disgust would be liable to be pardoned,
in the minds of their comparatively more prosperous, and fastidious associates.
positively fastidious, associates.

Art. 24 Inequality — minimizing
principle - its and
towards reconciling the
demandscomfort of the few with
the exigencies of all: be
namely by approriate
order of supple and to supply
and means

Art. 24 Inequality minimizing principle. On this occasion
will be considered the in this occasion byBy due application made of the inequality
minimizing principle aid capable of being afforded by it towards effecting of reconciliation may be found capable
a reconciliation of being effected between the comfort demands of the few and the exigencies
of all, and the comfort of the few. Order and means of supply supposes as follows,

1, Musquets with accoutrements for all<add>to be employed by all,</add> real, instead of imitations of musquets.

2. Powder, employed by all on particular occasions , for occasional use all, for occasional use

3. Rifles with powder and ball employed by a few, elected in the
secret or in the space made made Election Code,, by all the Election of the District, or
those of the Sub-DIstrict.

4. Cloathing the same for all, such difference excepted as may be necessary for rendering conspicuous manifesting the distinction between Commander, and persons under command.

Art. 25. Order
of supply: supplies first the elements
first mentioned &
1. For all, Musquets instead of
imitations for all
2. So Powder for exercise
on particular occasions

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