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1823 Sept. 27 Constitutional Code Copd

7 2o

Ch. 10 Ministers Severally
§. 4. Navy Ministers

§. 4. Of the Nav Navy Minister

Art. 1. To the Navy Minister, under the Legislature and
the Prime Minister, it belongs, to give at all times execution and
effect, to the matter of the Navy Code, and to its temporary orders,
from time to time ensuing from the Prime Minister.

Art. 2. In regard to the Government Navy, which armed
or unarmed, to this purpose, it belongs to him, to this purpose to exercise, under
the direction of the Prime Minister, as to all persons, in
so far as employed in navy naval business, the locative, suppletive,
directive and dislocative functions; as to his own office, the
suppletive; functions; as to things, in so far as thus employed,
the procurative, custoditive, applicative, reparative, and elimi
native functions; as to persons and things the inspective; as to
persons, things and occurrences, thereto belonging, the Statistic & recondative;
as to States of things, ordinances, & arrangements, the inclination
suggestive. EG: as to the naval exercise in particular the instructive.

Art. 3. Examples of things, which are the subject of these
functions are the following —
I. Things moveableas per §. 3 Articles
1. Arms, provisions, and cloathing as per §. 3 Art. 4
2. Navigable vessels of all sorts and sizes
3. Naval stores for the equipment of do

II. Things Immoveable
4. 1. Ships, for the building of navigable vessels.
5. For 2. For reparation Docks for reparation and out-fitting fitting of do
after return from service.
6. Tether, for giving facility to the approach of large vessels for
reparation or outfit.
7. Harbours: with , , Breakwaters; and
all the appurtenances thereto belonging.
8. Arsenals.
9. Dock Yards
10. Beacons // 11. Buoys.I

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