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S. 9. V. Interior communication Minister's functions.

Article 1. Saving exceptions, to the interior communication
Minster belong the three functions relatively to all such instruments
of communication between any part and any
other of the territory of the state, as are at the disposal of Government.

Article 2. Examples of such as are fixt are the following.
1. Roads, whether in the open country or in town.
2. Lakes, Rivers, and the beds of both when dry.
3. Artificial Canals, with the Locks, Tunnels, and other
works thereto belonging.
4. Bridges and dry Tunnels.
5. Aqueducts.
6. Toll-houses, for the collection of Toll money for the use
of any of the above instruments of communication.
7. Letter Post Houses.
8. Carriage Post Houses.
9. Inns for the use of Travellers.

Article 3. Examples of moveable instruments of
communication are the following.
1. Vehicles of all sorts, habitually employed in the conveyance
of Passengers, or Goods, or both.
2. Beasts of saddle and draught of all sorts so employed.

Article 4. Exceptions are all such Instruments of
the above sorts as by the Executive Chief shall have been
placed at the disposal of 1. the Army Minister, 2. the Navy
Minister, 3. the Preventive Service Minister, 4. the indigance
Relief Minister, 5. the Education Minister, or 6. the National
Domain Minister.

Article 5. So the Statistic and melioration-suggesting
functions, relatively to all such instruments of communication
as are at the disposal of any Sub-Legislature,
or of any individual or body of individuals.

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