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1824. June 7 + Constitutional Code Copd Ch. X Minister Severally
S.10 Health Minister

Relative to 4. Preventive Service. 45. Indigence Relief SS.1. Field of Service
36. Education. 47. Domain. 8. Sub Legislatures
1. Army. 2. Navy. 3. Interim Communication. SS.2. Functions:
It must after them all. chiefly Instructive — Informative
and Monetary

S.910 . Health Minister

SS.1. Field of Service

Art.1. To the Health Minister under [the Legislative and| the Prime Minister it belongs to give execution 1
Art.1. Health Minister
under [Legislative and]
Primer Minister gives
execution and effect to
all Legislation ordinances
having for object preservation
of National

and effect to all Legislative Ordinances, having for their special object
the preservation of the public national health:whether in all times and places
or in the occasion of particular and incidental temporary arrangements services
P function in having under th view the service to which what regards
health is subservient.

Art. 2. To this purpose, under the direction of the it belongs to have to 2
Art. 2 Function
under direction of Prime
1. as to persons under him
1. Locative
2. Supportive
3. Directive
4. Dislocative
II. as to his office
5. 1 Suppletive
III. as to things under him
but in concert with Finance
6.1. Procurative
7.2. Custodative
8.3. Applicative
9.4. Reparative
10.5 Eliminative
iV. as to persons and things
II.I Suspective
V. as to persons, things not
12.1 Statistic
13.2. Recordative
VI. do the States of things
ordinances and
14.1 Meliorative suggestive

Prime Minister, it belongs to have exercise, in relation as to all
persons, in so far as employed under him, the locative, suppletive,
directive and dislocative functions; as to his own
Office, the suppletive functions; as to things, in so far as
thus employed, but in concert with the Finance Minister,
the procurative, custoditive, applicative, reparative, and
eliminative functions; as to persons and things, of himself,
the inspective; as to persons, things and occurences
thereto belonging, the Statistic and recordative; as to states
of things, ordinances and arrangements, the meliorative -

Art. 3 S, are to Institutions and Establishments exercise 3
Art.3. So as to Institutions
and Establishment
for this purpose on foot
or in progress, for us, of
of directive in public , if inddinct
or otherwise
1. Inspective
2. Statistice
3. Meliorative

the inspective, statistic, and meliorative suggestive functions, in
relation to all such Institutions and Establishments, as for
this purpose, are on foot or in progress, for the use of the public at the expence, or under
the direction of individuals, or bodies incorporated or otherwise
associated, the inspective, statistic and melioration-suggestive

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