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1823. Sept.r. 29 + + + 26
Constitutional Code Copd

I. Enactive.
Ch. 10. Ministers Severally
§. 11. Finance Minister


Art. 4. Statistic function
I. retrospective branch
[ ] days before the last
of the Legislative year,
he delivers in his periodical annual Report

Art. 4. In the exercise of his Statistic function, [ ] days
before the last day of the current Legislative year, he delivers in to the Sub Minister
Art. 4. Of the Statistic function belonging to this Subdepartment
Assembly the annual periodical Report.]
there are two branches
Art. 5. Art. 4. Branches of the Statistic function branches retrosp or retrospective branch.
In the Art. 4. the exercise of this position or retrospective
branch of the Statistic function examples are the following [ ]
[ ] day's before the last sitting day of the outgoing Assembly of the
Legislative year, the Finance Minister he delivers
Assembly the retrospective correspondent branch of his periodical Report under the several

Art. 5. I Retrospective Branch
Heads and Subheads — Examples

Art 5. I. Retrospective branch. Of the heads and subheads examples the
Of the heads under of it is arranged, the heads following are
examples are as follows —

1. Moneys received in
that year — distinguishing
metallic and paper:
Subheads, from the taxes
and other resources

1. Receipts. Moneys received distinguishing metallic and paper, received
Receipts Moneys received in the course of that same year: under heads Sub-heads
distinguishing or not distinguishing what metallic and what paper:
arranged under heads, denominated for
the several
taxes and other resources.

2. Moneys expended.
Sub heads, the Sub departments:
Bis Sub-head
Services belonging to each:
Super Minister's Department

2. Moneys Expenditure Do Moneys expended, in do under heads the same period
denominated from Sub heads the several Departments and Sub-departments; and Bis-Subheads, from the distinguishable
services branches of service belonging to each. excluding the department of
the Justice Minister being included with the Sub-department

3. Balance in hand or deficit

3. Balance in hand, or deficit — the amount of it.
3. Amount of the balance in hand or of the deficit

4. Moneys due to Government.
Subheads, the 1 sources
from whence: 2. Time
at which due: causes of
failure, and whether definitive
or temporary.

4. Moneys due to Government under heads denominated Claims which should have been received, namely by Government. Subheads the several
from the several in classes of persons to whom from whom sources from whence due they should have been received and the times
at which they are might respectively to have been paid in: with indications
of the causes of the def failure, definitive or temporary, as the case may be.

5. Moneys due to Government.
Subheads 1. branches
of service for which. 2. times
when due: 3. Causes why
no paid.

5. Moneys due from Government, under heads which should have been paid: namely by Government.
Subheads the several persons or classes of persons to whom they should have
been paid from the several branches of service, on account of which
they ought respectively to have been paid, and the times at which
they ought to respectively to have ben paid, and together with with indications
of the reasons or the causes, why respectively they were not

6. For comparison, under
same heads, account like
Report for year last preceding
so for anterior, so far as
useful and practicable

6. The like statements for 6. To confront with the foregoing, the like statements carried back to the last preceding year, as also
for all to this preceding year, from the account of which any in so far as, useful to any
assignable purpose, useful as well as practicable.
beneficial shall have appeared deducible.

7. Heads of former years
brought into coincidence
with do of current year
in so far as they agree,
with notices of the div
and their causes

7. So, For this purpose in so far as, in the accounts of this or that preceding
year, the heads under which the matters are arranged are
not the same as those under which the matters of the current year
are arranged, to bring them into they are brought into coincidence, as far as practicable.

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