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Click Here To Edit 1824. May June 1 1826.
Constitutional Code. April 3 Seen.
this page.

Ch. XI. Ministers Severally
§. 13. Finance Minister
Expenditure modes of

19 June 1826. Quere whether to
employ these maxims in taxation?

Instructional and Ratiocinative

Art. Purchase of instruments of amusement for
money raised by taxes on rich and poor, reaped
depredation: depredation committed on the poor
for the profit of the rich.

Magnificence, exhibited by the many magnificence a person at his own expence, is magnificence: magnificence exhibited magnificence at the expence of others, it is
meanness and depredation.

Art. Instruments of amusement
for rich alone
purchase of them by taxes
on rich and poor is
depredative—by rich for
their profit.
Magnificence at magnificants'
expence is
magnificence: at that
of others depredative
or 2
Art Examples of
such depredation
1. For edifices at the public
cost by ornament
2 Pictures, Statues &c
products of imitative
3. Books valuable by
4. Antiquities
5. Miscellaneous artificial
or 3
Art. Objects distinguished
from the above as to this
1. Anatomical preparation
2. Subject of Nat. History
3. Machines
3. To all classes redounds
the benefit from them

Instructional and Ratiocinative

Art. Examples of depredation in this shape are
the following: the purchase being all along understood to be thus
produced by the taxes, <add>or money which might have been employed in estimate of</add>
the taxes.

1. Edifices, although for the use of the public, in so far as rendered costly
by ornament.

2. Pictures, Statues and other such physical productions of the imitative arts.

2 3. Books, thevaluable no otherwise than for value of which has for their efficient cause their rarity.

4. Antiquities.

5. Miscellaneous artificial curiousities.

Of the rich the minds oughtshould not, any more than the bodies,
be feasted at the expence of the poor.

Instructional and Ratiocinative & Expositive.

Art. Examples of objects which ought not to be
confounded in this view with the above, though commonly frequently
found in the same or collections.

1. Anatomical preparations.

2. Subjects of Natural History in its three kingdoms.

3. Collection of Machines and draughts and models of Machines.

3. Anatomical preparations.

From the Art branches of Art and science, of which
those artthese articles compose the Stock, persons of other classes
benefit may alike be reaped by persons of all classes.

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