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1824. August Sept. 3
Constitutional Code
Ch. XI. Minsters Severally
§. 13. Finance Minister.

Art. 13. In this way
only can paper money be
advantageous to the

Instructional and Ratiocinative.

In this way, but only upon these terms, advantage might
be desired, and that very considerable to the public, for the
use of paper money, even supposing the motive not to stand be
charged with any public debt.

Art. 14. Given the quantity
and the rapidity of circulation
of paper money
it makes no difference
in respect of abundance,
whether Gover the public
or this or that individual
be the maker
of each of the promises the
paper money consists

Instructional and Ratiocinative.

On this occasion it will be considered, that the
quantity of paper money in circulation and the rapidity of
its circulation being given, it will make no difference in
respect of the abundance of money whether the
by the public party by whom the pieces it consists of
is made by the public that is to say Government is the first
of the maker, or by this or that individual or set of individuals
in the case of each such pieces.

Art. 15. So in regard to
imported intrinsically
valuable money.

Instructional and Ratiocinative.

And so in regard to intrinsically
valuable money, imported
fabricated by a foreign government and imported from abroad
from abroad.

Art. 16. Given the amount
of paper money, the velocity
of circulation is as the number
of times at passes from
hand to hand in exchange in
a given space of time.


The velocity of circulation or as the number of
times that a piece of money of a given amount passes from
hand to hand for equivalent in the ordinary way of trade
within a given space of time say a year.

Art. 17. Given the
quantity and velocity it
matters not whether the
value of the money be
real or nominal.

Instructional and Ratiocinative.

Aggregate quantity and aggregate velocity
being given it matters not in regard to prices in what
shape the money, has been existing: whether in that of intrinsically
valuable money, in that of prin paper money i.e. money
promises of metal intrinsically valuable money performable
to have at demand, in promises of do at so many days after
date or after night: or intrinsically valuable money of
less value than its alledged and nominal value.

Art. 18. Given the
quantity of paper money
in circulation it matters
not whether it had
been issued by government
or by individuals
and by them but to

from hand to hand

The If a quantity of mone paper money in circulation
being given and employed in purchases by government it makes no difference whether the prin paper
consisted in & promises made by government in its own name
or in promises issued by individuals nor incorporated or unincorporated
in their names paid by them lent to government.

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