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1824. July 27.
Constitutional Code

Ch. XII Ministers Judiciary collectively severally
§. 16. 17. 18 § 2 Legislative Minister
Submission to the Legislator

4. List of all amendments if any received in a symmetrical form
from any other persons with their names and descriptions and if
any such as, if without names subjoined, are deemed worthy
of being made known.

5. List of all such amendments, if any, as having been received
in a form not symmetrical have on that account entitled
to be inserted with the names and description of the authors
if known: as inserting them respectively either in the whole or in
part: and as to whatsoever is not inserted, referring the publication
to the respective authors.

5. Disarming Judges of the arbitrary power of formation and alteration
under laws using the name of interpretation: disarming them of
the power, merely by divesting them of altogether and for ever of
the pretence. As In Hitherto in all places, and at all times, as yet has this
power been exercised: and, in the effect of it in the effects of the exercise given to it, a mixture of
good and with the evil having being always frequently to be found, in the effects
of it, as that the
and the good the most prominent of the two never without unanswerable objections,
could it be either condemned or justified. Now for the
By the here proposed means, now for the first time, the evil effects effect
may be expelled nipt in the bud , and the good left pure. Under the existing
system, magistrates are scarce can imagination suggest the improper liberty, which a Judge will
not take with the declared
will of a Legislature:
under the here
proposed system scarce
will be any Judge ever dare to
take: for the sources of excuse, whi have kept so abundant, will then under this here be altogether wanting.

6. Extinguishing the Opium trade: the trade to
has every then been carried on and could not
but be carried on by professional lawyers; and which cannot
be selling at high prices, question as to what in the
case in question, the Judge takes care or may do

6. Securing the identity of the import ascribed to the law in all
6. Securing an faculty of discussion as between one Judicial
district and another in all any Judicial District and Subdistrict
instead of a diversity with no limit intended to without any other limits to it other than that of
the number of the Subdistricts: securing thus a perpetual conformity
of decision, as between Sub district and sub district, in all these
several Sub districts.

The function, which the production of these six good effects has the principal share, is the Eventuality administrative.

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