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1825. Dec<hi rend="superscript">r
Constitutional Code.
Ch. XXVII. Local Registrars.

§. 4. Death recordg functions.



Art 1. English Law functionaries,
whose functions
are performed by
Registrars, Death, Marriage
and Birth recording
do are
1. Parish Minister
Registration function
2. Coroner with Coroners'


Art. 2. English System
unapt: cause of the
inaptitude, the barbarous
state of the originating


Art. 3. Of the inaptitude
of this part of the registration
, cause,
ill will towards men,
fruit of what is called
religion: adequately to
describe the resulting
evils wd. require a volume.


Art. 4. Unapt the Coroner's
Inquest System,
were it only for the distance
he and witnesses
have to go, especially
in the largest counties:
thence the expence
No otherwise directed
than by the Non-Entity
Common Law, his conduct
is arbitrary, determined
by the sinister
interest of the occasions.


Art 5. Post Obit trustee
testamentary or vice

More expressive than
executor & administrator.

Ch. XXVII. Local Registrars.

§. 5. Marriage recording

5. or 1.

Art. 5. or 1. Notification
. Difficulties
under a federative democracy,
not under
Monarchy or Aristocracy
1. No universality extending
office, collecting the
matter from all the States:
whence it may be learnt
whether A. & B. were or
were not respectively
married to other persons:
if yes, the times & places.

6. or 2

Art. 6. or 2 Indeterminable
at what time the use of
this information will cease.

7. or 3.

Art. 7. Proportioned to the
number of marriages will

1. Bulk of the documents.
2. Bulk of the Buildings containing
3. Number of the functionaries
keeping, & giving
access to them.
From the number of the
inhabitants calculate the
above number.

8. or 4.

Art 8. or 4. How to make
known marriage celebrated
1. By natives in foreign States
2. By foreign emigrants
in foreign states.
3. By do. after what length
of residence ?
4. With or without unmoveable
property here.

9. or 5.

Art 9. or 5. Difficulty as to
who shall pay the expence
of such registration
- the public or
the individuals. Not to
the contracting parties,
whence is the notification
of service

Ch. XXVII. Local Registrars.

§. 5. Marriage recording

10. or 6.

Art. 10. or 6. Under democracy,
there might
be a difficulty about
exacting a fee from
the majority.
Not under Monarchy
or Aristocracy.

11. or 7.

Art. 11. or 7. Of a fee,
if any, the quantum
should depend on the
value of the day's pay
of the lowest paid labourer

12. or 8.

Art. 12. or 8. Difficulty
from synonyms.
But synonymation
will not often take
place as to
1. All names of both
2. Time & place of habitations
of celebration,
the same.
3. Under Election Code,
the habitation of each
would be fixable.

13. or 9.

Art. 13. or 9. II Prohibition
conferring purpose.

14. or 10.

Art. 14. or 10. 1. The conditions
as to validity being
settled by the law,
give notice to the parties
that by nonfulfilment
of any one,
the contract is invalidated.

15. or 11.

Art 15. or 11. 2. To the notice
add interrogatories
by the Registrar,
answers to which will,
if true, prove the fulfilment

16. or 12

Art 16. or 12. 3. Cause
them to read on the
spot or hear read in
the law

Ch. XXVII. Local Registrars
§. 4. 1. Death recording function


16. or 12 Contind
bearing on the contract,
viz invalidating
2. legal effects so long as
valid; or according to
the length, mention of
the topics and of the
Code in which the matter
under them is. As
to written contracts, in
general, so in this. For
writing, greater the demand
in this contract
than in any other.

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