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pain of taxation Ch. xxx. Gov. Federation
Copied and Copy corrected


It is an idea of Mr Benthams, that the regiments
and even the companies which compose the federal army should
be made up of men from each of the States.

If troops are to be encamped together, and while they are or if they have not much
they ought to to do, at any time, they should be mixed up as much as possible.
But if they are in the field, with an enemy before them, they
cannot be too much little mixed. That very rivalry which
is bad in a time of leisure, would be good, if a battle was
at hand. The U.S.A. have had some proof. All the disaffection
that occurred in the Revolutionary war grew out of the separation
of the troops, the regiments of this state from the regiments
of that State, the men of the South from the men of the North.
Still however, when they came to fight a common enemy.
they fought the better for being separated, and when they were
formed as a body to attack the British on one side while the
French as a body attacked the British on another side (as at
York town where Cornwallis surrendered) they behaved all
the better for being, each for itself. [It is common to distribute mutinous
troops; and we know that the esprit de
is quite as strong as any other spirit, often a ]

It should be an object with the federal government
to get possession of certain posts; and to garrison them, in
each of the State governments. The jealousy of the latter may
interfere with such a plan for a time, under a dread of
consolidation: but when they see that the Federal Lead is
rendered to much the stronger, at so much less expense
by leaving the command of such and such rivers and
highways, they will be likely to yield. We have found it
so . in the U.S A.

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The militia system is very bad everywhere. (See
Westminster Review for Jan 1826) . No good soldiers are ever
made by it ; though it may costs a nation if in for a few years more than it would
refuse to make its whole male population of a suitable age
good soldiers, the cause of a few years Instead of calling
out a large body of men, for a few separate days every year, it would
be cheaper and better to call out a fifth part of the number
and them out, for a longer time, say for 6 weeks, or two

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