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not in all, be allowed to for much, as every
one must be sensible, is in very many cases, all that an
honest man can say: when the act or situation to be described
was sudden & transitory, when it happened
when it happen'd long ago, when it was such, as
believed not much to engage his attention: in , in a
variety of other , which every man's imagination will

But it will be said, by how what means can you satisfy yourself that
a man is not a dishonest man from these — how can
you satisfy yourself, that what he has said is absolutely
false, when nothing is absolutely asserted? I answer easily — as easily
in many cases, as when it is.

We must consider, that in Perjury, the guilt of the accused, is
always but a matter of inference, never of intuition: of
inference, concerning what believed to have passed in his
mind at two periods [at least] the time to of which the
Deposition speaks, & the time at which it is made.
And of this we judge he to whom it belongs, judges from the situation of perceptible
objects as represented to him, about the , at the
time of which the deposition speaks, & the impressions they
believe to have made on the , by analogy from
such as he knows by experience the like objects in the like situation

It may appear as
plainly that of which
a man has said he
is uncertain, he
is in fact certain,
as it can that
he was is certain of it
having happened
one way, when he
has said that it happened
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