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24 Octr 1806

New Lawyer.

My pretensions my share in the business, are very humble,
the principal, the master remedy remedies I contend for you find me
so strenuously contending for, is not of my own invention
thus nothing new in it. The

The substitution of salaries to fees has not only been
recently put in practice in another department of government a department
still more extensive, but has for these 16 years passed, and
with undisputed success been introduced applied even into this very
department in question, the department of judicature.

The substitution of natural procedure to technical is
happily even in this country of wide extent, as well as of old standing,
in Denmark, a country in other respects more famed for quiet
good sense than enterprizing spirit, it has of late received
such extent, as to threaten with extirpation the harpies of the law.
In the immense Empire of Russia the governors enterprize of Denmark
has already been received as a candidate for imitation, though as
yet under the management of unequal hands.

The If in the whole business there be a share more pecul
in any sense or degree peculiarly my own, it is that which
I am free to confess ..... if I must may venture to speak out, bears but
too close an analogy to that of the night-man. <hi rend="superscript">† ☞ Mme la Essay on Putrefaction.</hi>

Hypocrisy, the gravest and profoundest Hypocrisy; Hypocrisy with
adage, Hypocrisy, the gravest high-seated and deep-entrenched
Hypocrisy, had has hitherto afforded her too effectual
shelter to every abuse. To strip her of her vizor, was
found a necessary task: but in any the way to the high places
at which the Idol is seated to receive the daily increase, a
a replete with the matter was at the continual peril of suffocation to be passed,
not passed, and not only plunged into, but in a variety of directions
travelled through.

By this or that adventurer, under the spur of humanity, or some mere honesty motive, here and
there a slight incursion, has now and then been made in into it: but to explore penetrate into the very depths of it
to wade quite through it, and with so indefatigable perseverance; in this often so thankless a task if there be any merit
in the task – in this you will any merit thing of merit be discoverable – in this you may find mine.

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