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Nov 1806

§ Existing English Systems

In the arrangement of the of imprisonment for debt
the partnership has had appears to have two evident objects: 1. oppressing the debtor;
2. cheating the creditor.

Not that either of those was the an ultimate object: unless
here and there perhaps collaterally and in virtue of the principle
of association, as the enjoyment of the cat is heightened
by the suffering pangs and convulsions of the mouse. But both afflictions were
in the character of co-effects inseparably connected with
the real and ultimate objects, profit and ease.

Both effects were the system had at any rate for its obvious and notorious
results. At the contemplation of those effects results no disstisfaction
appears ever to have been expressed by those to by
whom the benefit of them has been reaped.

Moreover upon a close and practical examination of
its effects results in practice, such have been declared to be its results
by a the House of Commons Committee which sat on the
subject matter 179

Fixatives of this kind are not made where men have
any real regard to justice. Suppose that no adju the resumption
of be practice simplicity pursued in adjusting the fares
of Hackney Coaches: two prices fuel and but two one
or other of them to be paid, according to the distance: two
prices, one or other of them to be paid, whichever within the under every
limits allowed to the diversity of distances.

Table of Times and distances: quantity of time allowed regulated
by the quantity of to be traversed, regard being here according as it was to
the personal attendance that is in question or epistolary
intercourse: and taking into consideration in the latter case the rate of degree of afforded by the custom of the country, by means of the post or otherwise, and in the other
case the condition in life of the person in question and the degree of expenditure which in consequence may be expected to be at his command,
on foot or horseback, by a waggon, by a stage coach: by natural navigation, by a sea-voyage &c.

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