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Certainty — Evidence a1

The state of this Law of Jurisprudence is such
that the in and the Rules ending it this kind of Jurisprudence and practise according to those
rules are such, as not to be defended by any man one,
give him what axioms he will chuse for true,
unless you grant them to be also false. deny precisely the same thing in one form of words, which they maintain in another.

The There is every difference between a man's swearing to
erase his own guilt, & to reach the innocence of another save himself or another even the guilty from suffering, or even another for him from punishment, and to bring it down upon another
who is innocent.

1 The first is a weakness, which under an ordinary degree of the temptation,
if not a majority, at least as large a portion of mankind
are not able to stand firm against but to exclude all who if put to
the test would sink under it, would be to put the machine of Justice to a stop. & 4 The last is a villainy that will shocks even those who are familiar
to every other.

2 In The second case the temptation is as much less strong
& consequently the guilt of sinking under it more great,
as it is worse to lose an fortune which one has of one's
own, than to not to have what is another's. That
The to is a crime case which however pernicious & great necessary
as well as the others to be discountenanced punished at what time is ever it can be detected
has that mixture in it of generosity to reveal disposition as shews argues ++rather the not having settled in his mind a proper subordination of moral duties. rather the misapplication of a conscience than its non-existence.

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1 Certainty Evidence
Where the Prosecutor is the sole evidence, the
Court might have a power of requiring
for his the refunding of the money paid
to him for damages - If within a limited
the Court should so please; & that either to
the Debt or to the Crown.</p>

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Certainty Evidence c2 Oath when coast clear.

coast is clear, & that is there is no body to gainsay him,
he may give [fill] the rope swing to his invention, seems [to be] rather an awkward invention expedient for confining him within the bounds
of Truth.

It diminishes the danger chance of Perjury indeed in one
sense, as it diminishes the number of Oaths;
& for true it is that when a if a man will not swear false, where does not swear at
all, he cannot swear false - But it is easy to
see, that 1 upon each Oath taken which was to be taken administered separately: 2 it cannot but augment the chance of cannot but be augmented 3perjury to a great degree.

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