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EVIDENCE Oaths — Form of administering.

Equal to the Nothing can exceed equal the anxiety expressed for the
exacting the observance of this formulary, but
profound neglect the negligence of those circumstances on which
it's efficacy depends

Considering that efficacy in as far as it rests
upon the purely spiritual sanction, one
might to assert, that it is in exact proportion
with the degree of solemnity with
which the ceremony is performed.

Scotland is not at such a distance, nor the intercourse with that country so rare, but that those to whom it belongs might take benefit instruction from the examples which it furnishes on this subject hand. The impression upon the imagination in the affair of the imagination will be
proportiond to the force that acts upon it

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That the influence of an oath is depends almost
solely entirely at present owing to the two temporal Sanctions.
That it might receive great strength from the
spiritual if properly applied —
That the efficacy of the custom of cross-examining
in open court is worth all
the rest put together.

That the influence of the sacerdotal character
could in no instance be more securely nor
worthily employd than on this occasion

That the inaptness of the ceremonial
as at present administerd consists in two 3
particulars 1.st The feebleness insipidity of the words
themselves 2d. of the elocution of those who
utter them. N.B. the evidence himself 3. the confirming the pronounciation
of it to the officer, the witness being but a
bare auditor, & giving nothing but a vague
and general assent by signs.

The 2d particular has two causes — 1st
The low rank education, sentiments &c of
the officer. 2. the precipitance with which

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the ceremony, as being a mere ceremony,
is thought proper to be dispatched.

These 2 of the causes alone is sufficient
to take away hinder any impression from being
made; & both together contribute to the
casting of the voice into uncertain tone,
calculated that so much to excite awe as
ridicule, & which under such circumstances
it is scarce possible to avoid. The Minister administering ought to have some imposing dress.

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As if God from the beginning of time had not only banished all Justice every thing that is called
from x/4 tho of the habitable globe, but even the possibility of practising administering it. the necessary import of of the associated mass of humankind

an absurdity for which || ||would have been no more than that the material consequence of amp;c had it + +as it seemed came off
triumphant, one might than the atrocious
foundation of that those Law Laws which
permitt not any one to pass thing to that
of education which lands to judicial
employs who has any doubt but that
by a God of mercy are destined to those inconceivable &
torments and a future life, which
leave it a matter very little worth caring
are acquainted about whether they partake of any of those
expedients which contribute to the momentary
felicity of the present


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