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EVIDENCE. 1* Number

reach him. I must not indeed dispensible that the preamble states that two witnesses
had originally deposed to the treasonable fact act of which he was accused Indicted , by the from the evasion
of one of whom it was that the deficiency accrued which was thus to be supplied : but I
think it will hardly be contended thought that the testimony of 2 witnesses examined on
one side only and in secret is more than an equivalent for that of one — exam
if in open Court & cross-examined.

It is easy to conceive that in the event of things , the efficacy whether good or bad
of this provision ; there being all probability that the same sense of necessity which dictated one parliamentary infractio
being in a similar conjuncture would dictate to the same authority another: [taught &] justified & instructed by
by this example . Each succeeding Administration (we may venture to pronounce
for the purpose as well as that of Forfeiture & corruption of Blood) thinking, (&
see not why not justly) itself entitled to take the same precautions for it's secur
as a preceding : are in especially particular that <add>to which </add> has not been</del> whose conduct <add>the memory of which</add> is not marked by any run by History with
disapprobation particular stigma + + Qu - a little about this ..

If the testimony of a single witness was then sufficient , to render it is so now & will be here
— after : the same reasons that were urged for the suspension of this provision , will
be urged with the same reason & probably with the same success , anothers
old course of Justice will be made to take place notwithstanding this irregular attempt to stop
it , only in the guise of hardship & injustice. To repeal this provision will only be to restore the old Common-Law Whoever will take the pains to peruse the Historie of Trials for Treason which we have extant will find , I believe, the violenc & injustice that has been done brought about by rather by other means methods than by those against which this provision can be a remedy. To abridge & criticize all those Trials will not is what not be [come within by the compass of this work] For the work must have it's bounds But why must we expect forever the extremity of violence & injustice ? has there not been continually less & less up to the present time ? any at all in the Trials after the last Rebellion ? To calm the of every man's apprehensions is impossible : and is not to be purchased by more Laws : all that can be done towards it by them is to take care that [they] what there are shall be stronger Barriers the oppression of innocence than against the punishment of Guilt : But this is a stronger against the punishment of Guilt than against the oppression of innocence.

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