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Second hand

It has been said Because the original first relation was without
But this alone is not a sufficient reason universally conclusive in every sign [in all cases]
Because For the evidence of a man not under no temptation
without [an] Oath is better than that
of a man under temptation with it. one
which whether the 1st relater was or no, may be
often decided with certainty by the witness who is
on oath.

Viva voce

Unpremeditated The opposition between the language of the tongue
and that of the countenance the most expressive
and ..... of all language may through
light on a thousand questions the truth of which
must otherwise have been buried in obscurity The in the unpremeditated answer to a sudden & well-placed question may disconcert the most
fine-spun scheme of falshood. The accents of the living voice at disunison with the words The alarm surprize definition in the countenance at an unexpiated question

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The advantages of this mode of examination consist
1st in the opportunity of superior pertinence
in the question. 2d in the unpremeditatedness
of the answers.

Truths actually coexistent being necessarily
co-existence need no effects to reconcile them.
Any one may be brought into vices [I averred]
in company with any other: & no repugnance
[can] arise.

A question may be put in such a manner as
indicates the knowledge of a suspected truth
which it is the witnesses interest to conceal.
As will not be able at the instant, to determined
whether the truth be come to light
or no: nor tho' he be satisfy'd that it is
not, will he be able to invert upon the
spot a falshood in the room
of it that
shall be consistent with such other truths
as are apparent. — all this he might
have done: if he had leisure to consider it
in his closet.

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