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CERTAINTY EVIDENCE of Informer reprobated erroneously

The general doctrine that reprobates the convict Evidence
of the Informer in Summary prosecutions is in contradiction
with the Policy which is the foundation upon which
the whole Scheme of Popular Actions is founded.
An Instrument is wanted for the executing of a
Law the connection of which with the well-being
of Society not being close striking & obvious, Instruments
are not to be looked for midst the indolence of indifferent
spectators. To raise up such Instruments,
a st known reward is established to
every one who will become so.

One necessary Instrument is an Evidence: another
necessary Instrument is an offend Informer: supposing
then that these must be two distinct persons
The first of these persons Instruments has power, but he has
no motive, to carry the Act into Execution: the second
has a motive, but he has no power.

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The reason assigned for not admitting the Informer's
testimony is, that he is interested: has an interest a reason directly
in the Troth of the whole System Adjective apparatus of
Occupational Codes, which looks for it's efficacy
only from the very expedient of giving him an

He who alone sees, & consequently can alone relate,
is to have no inducements to relating; the
only inducements to relating an apply themselves
to him who has nothing to relate.

This comes of getting certain maxims by rote
& applying them undeviatingly as if they were
sui juris without ever suppose, that it is possible better enquiring whether they
may not be suspended by an utility superior
to their utility.

It will may occur as a difficulty to account
how, under the influence of this maxim, informers
can ever be found, sufficient to keep up
the Laws of this class in any tolerable degree of Life.

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