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Look at a Member of Parliament, though
he serves for nothing, and even gives from two
to twenty or thirty thousand pound for his seat, the right of serving you
can not, I allow once more, draw any sort of inference from his
doing so of his either liking the business, or understanding
any thing about the matter: why? because first finding it to be being all power and no duty, he takes
just so much as he likes of it and no
more. Look round the red book over the establishment, over such you will find the case in every part of it you
will see it every where alike in a country
where government is but either a feast feather for
vanity for pride or a pretence for pillage: in every part of it where places
having been made and picked up by placemen
for the use benefit of placemen, government is in
every part of it no more than a feast but a feather
for vanity or a pretence for pillage. Power
wealth or dignity without duty, or moderate light
duty with vast wealth compose the status for
which the dirty game called politics is plaid
for. All this I allow Such however is not my establishment: such it
would be folly more shear folly and only and not cunning to could
propose think of such an establishment in for France. My Judge

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