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Incompetency all systems as yet established can be a surer or a
safer one? For the truth that he told at the trial
he can not be punished, for it was the truth:
for the falshood he uttered that preceded the trial
he can not be punished, for it was extrajudicial
and not upon oath. A trap for innocence and public zeal is thus set under the protection of the law, and such a trap as no one for whom it is set can possibly escape from which no precedence is no preservative, and from which escape is impossible. Intentional or unintentional,
there is not a more copious source
of unmerited suffering on the part of the friends
and servants of the law and of triumph to its
guilty adversaries, than this of the inaccuracy
intentional or unintentional on the part of witnesses.

What a prosecutor knows he is not admitted to tell can not say
because being prosecutor he is excluded on the
partial and inconsiderate pretence ground of his being a party interested:
as if it were possible to keep interest or passions
still stronger still than interest to mix themselves
with testimony: as if all pretences of keeping out
interest were from testimony were not a mere
quackery founded on the grossest ignorance! Then comes the a professional accessory after the fact and sharpens the wound by the venom of his tongue. Lo See this is your own witness! Out of his own mouth you stand condemned! Such Then,
is the situation of is every man who ventures to step forth and offer
his services to the public in this perilous and invidious
time responsible at the of fortune and
character for the levity or treachery of another,
perhaps unknown to him and never of his choice! The guilty tractor assumes the accent & tone of the part of injured innocence: the reproach of falls upon the minister of truth and justice

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