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carried into the public treasury to be applied to the
public service is left in the hands of the collector
to be applied to his own use. It is in comparison of a tax upon law proceedings precisely what a forced reduction of the rate of interest is in comparison of a tax to the same amount on money lent at interest.

The author of a very modern book of French
practice(a), (a) Ravaut, Cours raisonne de pratique civile a Juris 1788. p. 322. citing Domat has given defended the
infringement of this right by reasons. What makes them
worth attending to is that they are the same reasons
which Advocates and the retainers of the Law all
over the world would be equally ready to give on
behalf of the same oppression, and the only ones as good as any
that could be given elsewhere any where.

2 Reasons alledged in of this violence. 1. Ignorant men can not make themselves understood by a Judge The first is grounded in the incapacity of
the bulk men to render this service to themselves.
Poor ignorant men, and of such is the bulk of mankind,
are not able on such occasions to make themselves
understood. This, if it were true would be
reason why there should be no Attorneys should
be forbidden, rather instead of being forced upon mankind.
To what end force a into man to go to an Attorney's
to whom he can not office a man who
can not make himself intelligible when he is has
got there? If a man can make him understood
to an by contrive to make an Attorney understand
him, what should hinder him from doing the
same thing by a Judge? Is there any thing
belonging to the station of a Judge which should
preclude him from that Dis measure of intelligence
which is supposed to be the no man in the character
of an Attorney is to be supposed to want?

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