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it is not for want of any of those qualifications
which the tests used any where can give insure.

A five-years Clerkship shews that the Clerk
has had an opportunity more or less favourable
of obtaining skill in the profession, but as to
the question whether he has made any use of
that opportunity it affords no answer. The answer
which the English Judge after the portion of an examination
in private gives to the same question,
had better for the credit of Judges not be given.
The to Judges in England, twelve of them for
all England have not time to do the work of examining schoolmasters.
Success or ill-success in the answers
given to the ten or twenty questions which it may
be possible for an extraordinary scrupulous Judge to find time
to put is but a lottery.

If a man of this branch of the profession be deficient in
probity, or rather if he be too abundant in craft
the skill degree of skill he may have acquired
only renders him but so much the more mischievous.
The potency of the test if it possessed any, with regard as to the one sort of qualification
would only render it so much the
is more delusive with regard to the other.
It is altogether That any test that could be invented should
afford any assurance of the absence of security against that sort of misconduct

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